[DRAFT] Adam Azad - Contributor Proposal November to December 2021

I am submitting a proposal for current ongoing and future contributions to the DXdao started November 1st, 2021, and finishing December 31, 2021. I’m skipping October since I haven’t contributed much value then.


Please refer to the Background section of Contributor Proposal for Q1 2021

Timeframe and Scope


November 1st to December 31st, 2021.

Proposed Scope of Contribution

  • Swapr Development
    • Contribute to Swapr development and roadmap in Q4 2021.
    • Integrate more routes into Swapr’s Eco Router.
    • Code review for external collaborators to Swapr.
    • Swapr Staking Reward subgraph.
  • DXdao Buyback Program
    • Maintain Mesa’s infra through Q4 and Q1 2021 until full migration to Aqua.
  • Accountbiltiy at DXdao
    • Work on DXdao at Accountbiltiy document. I volunteered to do this at DXdao’s Greater Than workshop in Lisbon.


  • Experience Level: 4
  • Time commitment: Part-time 50%. 3,500 DAI per month at level 4.
  • 3.08 DXD per month vested for 2 years with a 1-year cliff starting November 1st, 2021. The price of DXD is ATH of $809.5.
  • 1,630.5 REP per month.
  • Compensation for Digital Ocean droplets for running Mesa’s infrastructure.

Work Experience


During this period

DXD Buyback

  • Put the Gnosis Provotol v1 solvers on autopilot. We have the solver and price estimator running on DigitalOcean.

Swapr Dapp

  • Helped Milan onboard The Graph and started contributing to subgraphs
  • Moved Swapr subgraph repo to DXgraphs organization. Anyone with access to the GitHub org can now deploy and update subgraphs; less dependency on a single developer.
  • Worked on the Single-Sided Staking Campaigns implementation for Swapr’s subgraph
  • Prepared and helped Swapr SDK v0.11.0
  • Updated all Swapr subgraphs to the new versions with Single-Sided Staking campaigns. Current endpoints are

  • Added ENS avatar support to user nav menu

  • Added Curve Finance for xDAI and Arbitrum One. A working demo can be deployed at
  • Migrated the new code to the new SDK version. Coming with Curve Finance implementation).
  • Added Curve Finance (including mainnet) to the Eco Router, still pending some finalization and a PR review.


  • Reached out to a few audit firms regarding Aqua. Potentially not happen until Q2 2022.

Done well

  • Buyback program: running the GPv1 solvers is completely on autopilot. I do not do much about it, except for cleaning old logs periodically and checking health status.
  • Onboarding and helping Milan to start helping with The Graph.
  • Helped with the Single-Sided Staking campaign subgraph.

Could have done better

  • I could not do many code reviews because of the time constraints on my own tasks
  • I failed on the Accountability document. Again, due to time constraints…