[DRAFT] Adam Azad - Contributor Proposal August 1st - September 30th 2021


This Contributor Proposal assumes that June-July’s one has passed. I would like this proposal to be my signal proposal.


Please refer to the Background section of Contributor Proposal for Q1 2021

Timeframe and Scope


August 1st to September 30th, 2021.

Proposed Scope of Contribution

  • Goals
    • Start and lead the Aqua Springboard initiative - This will be late September - more details to TBA. The initiative is to attract interested parties in launching sales on Aqua. Since @Caden has agreed to help with branding and exposure. I believe this will help Aqua gain the community’s attraction.
    • Level up on my Solidity skills (thanks to @AugustoL)
    • Start collaboration on DXvote. This does not mean my focus would divert from Aqua, but I would like to help the initiative should time permits.[1]
    • Be more involved with DXventures with @sky, mainly to learn more about DXdao’s portfolio and the BizDev squad[1]
  • Responsibilities
    • Help with the FairSale contracts for Aqua.
    • Polish outstanding tasks for the Aqua MVP.
    • Review and study the contracts for potential bugs. I maintain a journal shared with @JohnKelleher.
    • Help @nico with smart contract bug fixes and testing.
    • Maintain Aqua’s subgraph and amend smart contract changes to the subgraph.As the sole owner, I will assume this responsibility.
    • Start working on the Aqua Springboard contracts and UI with the rest of the Aqua team.

[1] These are secondary objectives and outside of the current scope of this proposal. They will likely get less of my attention.


  • Experience Level: 4
  • Time commitment: Part-time 60%. During the first week of September, I will be available for full-time collaboration. These hours will be credited. This is tentative, if it happens, I will signal this change to the DXdao’s community here on DAOtalk.org
  • 4,200 DAI per month at level 4.
  • 5.74 DXD per month vested for 2 years with a 1-year cliff starting August 1st, 2021.
  • 1,630.5 REP per month.

Work Experience

Previous DXdao Worker Proposals

Past Contributions to DXdao ecosystem


The aqua springboard initiative is something you should discuss more with the rest of the Aqua team. So far it has been brought up only once in passing and it appears to be a feature we already plan on implementing (a project facing dashboard to launch sales from).
You should bring this up to everyone as we would need to discuss and plan where resources for this are coming from in September, or if we are even doing it. Currently on the roadmap the fairsale will be worked on in September with the dashboard development work coming after.

Also a small note on responsibilities; I don’t think “sole owner” of subgraph is an apt title. We are trying as a team to share ownership of every part of Aqua to avoid dependencies like this.

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The Springboard hasn’t been officially discussed yet. There’s a draft - your input is appreciated if you want to co-own it.

The subgraph’s issues have always been open to collaboration. Daniel wanted to collaborate; I gave him a breakdown of it. If anyone wants to take ownership of anything hosted under cryptonative-ch ownership, they are more than welcome to do so. It is certainly intimidating to work on a new codebase. At the moment, I don’t see enough interest from you, @levotiate, or @madusha to co-own it.

We dont have any interest as it has never been formally proposed or discussed.
I just dont see breaking off future features of a product with no communication as an effective way to run a team or project. Decisions like these need proper discussion, particularly in a DAO, and there has been none.

I appreciate the guidance and help you have given the team in working on the subgraph, I was just bringing up that I don’t think the term “sole owner” is a healthy one for a DAO to use.


Fair. I will amend this propsal.


I amended it. Please review. For the record, ownership in this context, does not mean intellectually owning the rights to it. The software is already licensed under AGPL v3.0. It meant to own the SDLC. I don’t own the right to it.


This is definitely not a good look. Please do discuss any plans or changes with the rest team before creating a proposal on this. Regarding the subgraph development, I’ve mentioned in my proposal that it is a goal of mine to contribute development to the subgraph.

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  • Did well
    • Released Aqua v0.1.0 as indicated in the proposal.
  • ETHLisbon was a great opportunity to collaborate with other DXdao contributors. We built Profolio, an NFT project, which is already on a product candidate via Karma Protocol - more news on this soon.
  • Volunteered to draft Accountability at DXdao from GreaterThan workshop.
  • Did ok
    • Managed to collaborate more than usual on a part-time basis to deliver Aqua.
    • More communications regarding smart contract audits. I have reached out to Sam from Paradigm, he’s busy but suggested CodeArena; and, ChainSecurity who are available in March 2022.
  • I have a better grip on Solidity and trying to find opportunities to contribute to contracts.
  • Opportunities to improve
    • I am late to this proposal; very late.
    • Aqua still needs a lot of refinement.

I will submit the proposal for the following payout:

In addition to the above, I will include my Lisbon reimbursements, according to [reimbursements outlined in DXLisbon Contributor Stipend and Funds and voted on dxvote.eth

  • Flight $300: Amman to Lisbon via DXB.
  • LisCon 2021 ticket. I paid $282 in the regular ticket round. See transaction on Arbitrum
  • Covid PCR test. I flew from Jordan where PCR tests are 28 JOD ($39.49)
  • Daily stipend $750: from October 11th to 25th.

I will be posting this on-chain in the next few days. feedback and math check from the community is welcomed.