Doodee's Redemption Balancer Under DXD Token Model

I am submitting my Redemption Balancer under DXD approved Token Model, following approved Redemption Balancer guidelines.

Transfer transaction of my 458.0298 DXD to the DXDAO multsig: 0xc34642bb9fa633cbe09c64bb33e7d487e3f8194dde22c4a20db71ff6cfdb06e0

Please find below my screenshot of the ‘Redemption Balancer Calc’, with prices and circulating supply dated to the moment of the DXD transfer to the DAO:

In 24 hours, I will create a proposal to request 102400.27 USDC (or DAI) and 146.50 ETH from the DAO multisig.

– Appendix –


Circulating supply was adjusted for 3 additional redemption balancers since the last time the DXDAO Treasury Dashboard was updated:

The 400 WETH buyback order on January 28, 2023 was also added to ETH Orders (GC), which is why the Buyback amount is now 16699.43.


Looks good. I have made the same changes to circulating supply in the original DXdao Treasury Dashboard that you made above. The amounts on the 3AC Raw sheet has been updated as well.
Anyone else can use the dashboard for their member redemption balancer. Just make sure and update the prices. I am checking the ETH price at the time the DXD was sent to DXdao.