Doodee’s Redemption Balancer #3 Under DXD Token Model

I am submitting my Redemption Balancer under DXD approved Token Model, following approved Redemption Balancer guidelines.

Transfer transaction of my 76.0999781 DXD to the DXDAO multsig: 0x62c9a63e3c4d9b7d464d63a57e1cc7cb491df37df53bd7f18a226754d7c2e92d ]
Please find below my screenshot of the ‘Redemption Balancer Calc’, with prices and circulating supply dated to the moment of the DXD transfer to the DAO:

– Appendix –


Circulating supply was adjusted for the most recent 200 WETH Cowswap order (CoW Protocol Explorer), which at the time of writing was 99.7% filled (acquiring 435.7 DXD for 199.3918 WETH).