DoinGud Introduction

Hello Everyone!

Really excited to join the community call today to share a bit about what we are building at DoinGud! We are very much looking to build with long-term, like-minded, value-oriented communities. So needless to say, thrilled to start the conversation here!

To give you a bit more context, at DoinGud we are building an NFT ecosystem focused on inspiring creativity, human connection, and positive social impact. We strive to be community-owned and curated, ensuring we empower our creators, curators, collectors and communities to tap into sustainable income streams, connect with likeminded humans, and create lasting impact for causes they care about.

Beta-platform is Live!
Check out our Litepaper: DoinGud_Litepaper_2.0_2021.09.30.pdf - Google Drive
Meet our Financial Contributors :
Meet our Advisors:
Watch our DoinGud Video Presentation: DoinGud Presentation - YouTube
Join the Community: Discord


Slight mix-up on the schedule, will be sharing with the community next Monday, the 16th. Looking forward to it!


This team knows how to build! Looking forward for the presentation.

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