Dlabs Worker Proposal 23rd May 23rd June


Decentral Labs is submitting this proposal to provide services to DXdao such as treasury management and support in governance and operations processes.


In line with current contributor guidelines, this proposal is submitted from the 23rd of May to 23rd of July.


  • Regular treasury responsibilities
  • Regular governance / operations responsibilities
  • Testing / QA for DXvote
  • DXlegal
  • eSports Governance


40% Governance

Day to day responsibilities include reviewing live on-chain proposals, ensuring operational proposals are being submitted and passing on time.

Working with the DXgov team. QA testing new releases and working with the team on Gov2.0

30% Treasury

Daily treasury monitoring, ensuring we have sufficient operational funds on all bases. Exploring and expanding our ability to do trustless treasury management. I.e. swapping stables on Gnosis Chain through the DXdao avatar thanks to DXgov generic multi calls scheme.

Ensuring the buyback moves forward, monitoring buyback data and submitting regular proposals.

Planning to take first steps in regards to treasury management, beyond the passive positions we currently hold (staked ETH).

15% Legal

Working together with a number of retained law firms on matters such as DXdao Legal Defence fund, facilitating employment for contributors in “ challenging ” jurisdictions, exploring liability measures etc.

Working with Melanie and Powers on onboarding a new legal contributor.

10% ContributorX / Events

Working together with the ContributorX squad and assisting in planning and budgeting for events and conferences.

5% eSports

Working with CPHFlames - regularly staying in touch with them and always looking for creative ways to engage the eSport audience with DAOs and governance.


FT - Level 7

USD 18000 for 2 months, 1/2 to be sent on the first payment proposal and 1/2 on the second payment proposal

$15000 DXD

REP 0.3334% for 2 months, 1/2 (2934) to be sent on the first payment proposal and 1/2 (2933) on the second payment proposal


The second proposal of this WP has been submitted on mainnet: dxvote.eth

Besides regular responsibilities, i.e. monitoring, daily governance activities and governance gas refunds, over the past months I’ve been:

  • working with Melanie and Chris on the Legal Assignments tasks, from interviewing people to onboarding them for the tasks.
  • working with Chris on budget and treasury analysis. Scraping and labelling data, to aid in the analysis.
  • due to the negative ARR rate in RAI, we also decided to sell-off the majority of the DAOs RAI holdings. We diversified these between USDC, DAI and LUSD.
  • Actively monitoring the liquid staked assets depeg and acquiring further staked ETH, namely sETH2.
  • I also spent significant time reviewing the smart contract implementations of DAOstack to get a deeper understanding of our governance system and be able to debug issues more effectively.

The proposal pays out:

9000 USD
3117 REP + 2934 REP sync from last WP on GC.


Great effort overall contributing to several areas and always actively user testing DXdao’s governance interfaces. Regarding the stablecoins in the treasury, I think it would be nice if DXdao could produce some assessment of the risks around its stablecoins. This has been happening to some extent with the recent moves, but I think there could be better understanding around RAI, sUSD, and LUSD.