DLABS Worker Proposal 23rd July - 23rd September


Decentral Labs is submitting this proposal to provide services to DXdao such as treasury management and support in governance and operations processes.


In line with current contributor guidelines, this proposal is submitted from the 23rd of July until the 23rd of September.


  • Regular treasury responsibilities
  • Review of Stablecoins in Treasury
  • Exploring Trustless Treasury Management Solutions
  • Regular governance / operations responsibilities
  • Testing / QA for DXvote
  • DXlegal


50% Governance

Day to day responsibilities include reviewing live on-chain proposals, ensuring operational proposals are being submitted and passing on time. Reviewing our smart contracts implementations regularly, to get a deeper understanding of our tech-stack and be able to debug more efficiently.

Working with the DXgov team. QA testing new releases and monitoring our various releases for bugs.

30% Treasury

Daily treasury monitoring, ensuring we have sufficient operational funds on all bases. Exploring and expanding our ability to do trustless treasury management - i.e. swapping stables on Gnosis Chain through the DXdao avatar thanks to DXgov generic multi calls scheme. Exploring potential partners to help expand to more sophisticated trustless treasury management.

Exploring yielding opportunities for DXdao.

10% Legal

Working with Melanie and Powers on our on-going legal projects.

10% Contributor UX / Events

Working with melanie on Contributor UX and assisting her in planning and budgeting for events and conferences.


FT - Level 7

USD 18000 for 2 months, 1/2 to be sent on the first payment proposal and 1/2 on the second payment proposal

$15000 DXD

REP 0.3334% for 2 months, 1/2 (3119) to be sent on the first payment proposal and 1/2 (3119) on the second payment proposal

For the first month of this worker proposal period, DLABS will be requesting pay at 80% time commitment, if any reduction in time will happen in the second period this will be reflected in that proposal.

This proposal pays out (at 80%):

USD 7200
REP: 3119

USD 584.71 for Swapr Tshirts for Paris

DXD to be vested:

$6000 DXD


Over the last month of this worker proposal and with the passing of the Nimi Incubation Grant (Proposal ID, Mainnet: ​​0x541c4933a86d122acd8ed275ce99b5c9f34f14fd7555730ae371852e62ea0df8) my scope of work shifted to the following:

  • 40% Nimi
  • 40% Governance (including couple of hours a week on Legal and ContX)
  • 20% Treasury

Effectively dropping my quantifiable commitment for the Events - I’m still happy to facilitate payments and give any feedback to the team, but will generally take a step back from the more regular activities.

This past month has been an exciting month regarding treasury:

While some of the above might seem “fun little things”, they actually demonstrate some of the abilities of the DAO we didn’t know were possible (ERC20 Approvals on Mainnet), or never thought about doing (sending NFTs) and new ways of potentially trading directly from the DAO (no reliance of MS signers), or ways to run our buyback with CowSwap.

Beyond regular governance responsibilities and monitoring of proposals, we also finally removed unused schemes - this was a tricky proposal to simulate in tenderly, but eventually managed and the proposals did all pass successfully.

Moreover, a large part of 40% Governance time was spent reviewing and thinking about the 3 different restructuring proposals posted during my last worker proposal.

Unfortunately, due to the changes in % commitments and other unforeseen events which took up significant amounts of my time, I didn’t get around to writing a draft about the stablecoin review, but we did: