[Discussion] Port Turbo UI (Simplified) to Augur v2

The user interface for Augur v2 was designed for expert trader, as was the interface for every other trading dapp in 2020. The market has since evolved to include novice traders. Augur Turbo UI, called Simplified, was designed with inspiration from Uniswap.

The Simplified UI has been a great success per the feedback received from the wider community, much more so than the Augur v2 UI,

Thus this proposal is to port the Simplified UI to Augur v2 as well.

I think this is a good idea too.

I’m confused as to how this would work. Aren’t they two very different systems? V2 uses an order book and Turbo uses a market maker.

You could simplify the order book UI, but I don’t think it would look that much like Turbo (ex. the Predict UI is simpler than the Kalshi one).

Right, I think you’d have to combine this with an AMM for V2. It could be on polygon the way turbo is now, or could use Balancer the way catnip did, or could use Uniswap as proposed here. The trading stuff is separate from the reporting contracts. Basically the only functions you’d be using on the trading side would be buy/sell complete sets.