[Discussion] Make Augur Multichain

Augur Turbo has proven that certain use cases are best fulfilled on a secondary chain. Moving to Polygon brought several advantages like low fees, which helped with increased number of markets as well as trading activity; it helped with faster resolution, which decreased the capital lockup time for bettors and LPs; it enabled Augur to offer liquidity mining rewards, which attracted liquidity providers thus solving an existential problem for Augur.

At this point, with numerous chains being introduced, it is worth asking if Augur, either v2 or Turbo, should be extended to another chain.

The top chains by TVL, after Ethereum, are BSC, Solana, Terra, Avalanche, Tron, and Fantom. Most don’t have a native prediction market platform thus leaving a gaping hole in the ecosystem that can be filled by Augur.

Both Avalanche and Fantom are offering incentives worth hundreds of millions of dollars; these can enable Augur extend the liquidity mining program.

Crypto markets (“Will coin x settle above $y by Friday”) have been a hit with the community as they attracted the highest OI and volume of any other market type. It stands to reason that if ERC20 based markets were a hit on EVM-compatible chains, coins with other primitives will be a hit on their native chains. This thesis assumes that users that support a coin will be found on the coin’s native chain.

Should be on Arbitrum or another roll-up on Ethereum.

It’d be amazing if it could be both multi-chain and there was a way to do cross-chain liquidity pools - so that people could trade from one chain to another (I have no idea how this would be implemented and it should be lower priority - but it’d be cool!)

In the future, every high TVL chain should have a prediction market, and augur should occupy the potential market as soon as possible.