[Discussion] DXdao Proving Value Through Performance Related to DMM

Regarding DMM, I think it is important for DXdao to focus on fulfilling it’s duty outlined in the
original Alchemy proposal made by DMM, referenced here:

Showing DMM, and the rest of the DeFi community, that there is a value added benefit to having the DXdao become a sizable part of a project’s governance should be an important goal.

There are three key points that sum up the duty that DXdao has agreed to with DMM:

1) Participate in DMM DAO governance, and correspondingly receive the right to its revenues - It’s important to make sure DXdao has the process, the tools, and the knowledge to participate in DMM DAO governance.

2) Help navigate the near term goals of DMM to grow its footprint in the DeFi landscape -
DXdao should have a plan around this. It’s likely a good idea to start by having some active planning sessions (independently and with the DMM team) to come up with ideas and a strategy to achieve this.

3) Where appropriate, will utilize its other assets, protocols, and products to help grow the DMM. -
This point ties in with point 2), but as DXdao grows its members, DXD holders, product suite, and users, it’s important to pinpoint how this can be leveraged for the projects that become part of DXdao’s ‘family’.

I also think marketing is an important part of this. We are already doing well creating a brand for DXdao, and it’s products. We want to create a brand for the DXdao ‘family’ as well - not projects DXdao owns but projects that DXdao partner with, govern with and promote with.

Create a sub-brand that includes these ‘family’ members. What could we call it??
other ideas?

How the DXdao performs over the near, medium and long term for DMM will shape and likely determine how DeFi projects observe DXdao.

As we prove ourselves, more will come.