[Discussion] Create an SDK for the Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Augur’s primary contribution to crypto is the robust dispute resolution mechanism that has withstood attacks and scammers over the last few years. The mechanism allows a group of people to dispute a reported data in a decentralized way where each actor is financially incentivized to be correct.

Till date, the mechanism has been applied to prediction markets and this is an elegant solution as a prediction market requires reporting of a result that could be wrong. However, the mechanism can be used for more impactful problems.

For example, oracles, like the Uniswap price oracles or Chainlink data feeds report data that is mostly thought to be correct. However, there exist scenarios in which the oracles may be wrong. When the oracle is wrong, there is no dispute mechanism to correct the reported result. While some oracles do penalize bad reporters, they offer little in the way of changing the result let alone changing the result in a decentralized manner that is suitable to all parties involved.

This is a proposal to create an SDK for the dispute resolution mechanism so it can be adopted by another projects - oracles, for examples - easily.

This proposal paves the way for Augur to be the backbone of dispute resolution for all of crypto. If adopted by the wider crypto community, it will also do wonders for REP.

Porting dispute to polygon should be the highest priority task. Without it, augur turbo is too vulnerable for single point of failure.