[Discussion] Cater to arbitrage bettors

Augur’s fundamental block in increasing usage is the lack of liquidity. The Augur community has shown time and time again that even if there are markets, even when there are other bettors, and even when the user experience/interface is good, the community is unwilling to participate if there is no liquidity.

One idea to attract liquidity is to let Augur have the same markets as are available on other prediction market platforms or on other betting exchanges. Since the odds for Augur markets are updated via trading (as opposed to market makers in other exchanges), traders may be attracted to Augur markets to correct the odds. This allows liquidity providers to spread their risk over two separate exchanges thereby giving them more options to manage their positions. In order to make the LP position management easier, these markets should follow the same resolution rules and mechanics as the other platform.

For example, if Augur was to host the same markets as PredictIt, PredictIt users would find the Augur markets and trade on them. LPs are likely provide liquidity as they now have two exchanges to offload risk.

I disagree. I think the number one missing piece is marketing. It is quite possible to do a lot of trading with 10k-25k liquidity - which we’ve hit in the sports markets.