[Discussion] Allow Turbo to use Augur's dispute resolution mechanism

Turbo is a low-fee, fast resolution dapp built on Polygon without a dispute resolution mechanism. There is no recourse if a market fails to resolve correctly for any reason, whether that be due to faulty data source, a bug in adapter code, or a deliberate attack. ‚ÄčAugur v1 and v2 have a dispute resolution mechanism that relies on the REP token, which inherits the security guarantees of Ethereum. Since Turbo does not have dispute resolution, it does not have currently have a utility for the REP token.

This proposal is to start a discussion around how can Turbo on Polygon leverage the dispute resolution (currently on Ethereum) for the purpose of correcting faulty market resolution. While REP utility is important, it is addressed separately and in a different proposal ({link here}) to simplify the problem at hand.


  • deploy hard fork code to Polygon; bridge REP across Polygon and Ethereum
  • freeze the disputed market on Polygon and create a new market on Ethereum; result of resolution is applied to the Polygon market

Porting rep token and dispute mechanism to polygon should be the highest priority task. Without it, augur turbo is too vulnerable for single point of failure.

I think there is also a possible role for Augur V2 to operate on Polygon and use the dispute resolution mechanism.

There are also some large advantages with doing an order book as you can do it without subsidizing liquidity provision.