Diogo - Contributor Proposal Retrospective [16/04/2022 - 16/06/2022]


This is the end of my trial period on DxDao (two and half months part-time).

During this period I collaborated with the Swapr squad, developed new features and fixes issues.

This proposal is being sent a week late.



What went well

  • It was great to tackle my first big feature together with Leonardo Berteotti, I feel satisfied with the end result.
  • I brought some awareness to the technical debt we have in our current codebase, which we are planning to tackle on the next quarter.

What could be improved:

  • I feel that we should have organised the liquidity redesign much better. It ended up a big PR which it makes it much more difficult to be reviewed and makes it more difficult to merge.
  • I can be more proactive picking new issues
  • Didn’t do many code reviews, I’m still gaining confidence on the codebase but still I can review much more.

  • Timeframe:

    • 16/04/2022 - 16/06/2022 (2 months)
    • 20 hours per week
  • Proposed Scope of Contribution:

    • Goals:

      • Help the squads reach the roadmap goals of Swapr.
      • Update fonts and colors of swapr app and how we use it on the codebase.
      • Work closely with Berteotti to update the Liquidity Page with new redesign.
      • Help the team tackle some code debt on the Swapr codebase.
      • I also can help the team with product design.
    • Responsibilities:

      • Collaborate with Swapr squad members to understand and improve the application.
      • Liquidity page redesign
      • Update fonts and colors of Swapr
      • Ship good quality code and help improve the overall system and make Swapr codebase better.
      • Some tasks I’ve been working on:
        • Fix connect wallet button not opening the wallet switcher modal #881
      • Liquidity Redesign (WIP)
        • ​​Add space background image to liquidity page PR #903
        • Update liquidity empty state design PR #904
        • New design of liquidity pair detail view PR #947
  • Compensation:

    • Experience Level: 4
  • Salary - Calculated for part time 20 hours per week (50%) at 80% rate:

    • $4800 DAI for 2 months ($6000 * 50% * 80% * 2)
    • $3200 DXD for 2 months of work ($4000 * 50% * 80% * 2)
    • 0.10806 REP
      • 0,09336 REP for 2 months of work (0.1167 * 50% * 80% * 2)
      • 0.0147 REP for trial period that I forgot to add on the proposal (0.1167 * 25% * 50%))
  • Work Experience:

    • Past work experience
      • 2+ years as a front-end (react) developer at Q-Better.
      • 2+ year as full-stack developer at Gymious.
      • Some experience with Solidity and Ethers.js developing a NFT collectible (funky.pizza).
      • Github - Diogomartf

Cryptographic Signature from Keybase

  • BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5weRa0zkKm2fBd pcANn1pF33j1Vun gXT4ZBVSi0VvUwH 0gM8YyhCRZ8sdts 36SltvLWlbXacjw T6ix9mr9tQYhxj8 71ZVe2fpCBPv4Rk hhKxSz0mQb9WS4n irbivNagSDiJpcu ZMHayUX7ECAHNRV 3wU0qxc1C16Ikyk DoBrjP3ioGdtX. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE.

I think this should have been a comment to my proposal.

You can check my proposal here: Diogo - Contributor Proposal [16/04/2022 - 16/06/2022]


Hey @diogo Its been awesome to see you contributing to Swapr and constant inputs on areas to improve. I want to thank you for taking up the initiative on what needs to be refactored in the codebase for making Swapr better. :slight_smile:


It’s awesome to work with @diogo, always critic about the product and codebase health! Hope we can keep shipping awesome things with you!


Here are my on-chain proposal: