Dino Crescimbeni - Contributor proposal [16/08/2022 - 15/10/2022]


It’s been three months since I joined DXdao, specifically in the DXgov team. Since then, I have learned my way around the codebase enough to tackle various kinds of tasks. However, I’m still learning ways to improve my coding ability, not only focusing on delivering working code, but also code that’s scalable, easy to modify, and understand by others.

In these three months, I’ve been consistently adding value to DAVI (DXvote), and I’m confident I’ll still be able to do so in the next two months.

Proposed scope of contribution


In the front-end, my first objective is to deliver the features planned in the “Feature Freeze”, as well as fix various issues currently present in the app, to ship “Guilds” as soon as possible.

On the back-end, my focus will be on upgrading the current solidity version in our DXDVotingMachine smart contract.

Once both tasks are done, I’ll start contributing to delivering Governance 2.0. That will take a non-trivial amount of work, both on the front and back-end.

I will also attend the Infinity Hackathon as a mentor, and DevCon Bogota, where I mean to meet the rest of the DXdao team, and hear some fantastic speakers to further expand my knowledge on the crypto-space.


  • Working with the DXgov team to deliver the remaining features planned in the freeze.
  • Communicating my progress to the team and being active in keybase, attending daily and weekly meetings.
  • Start working on the features needed for Governance 2.0.
  • Attend the Infinity Hackathon and DevCon Bogota.


Two periods:

  • 16/08/2022 - 15/09/2022
  • 16/09/2022 - 15/10/2022


Experience level: 2

Time commitment: full-time (40 hours per week)

Month 1 [16/08/2022 - 15/09/2022]

  • 4.000 DAI
  • 2.000 DXD, vested for 3 years with a 1-year cliff starting the 15/10/2022
  • 0.1667% REP

Month 2 [16/09/2022 - 15/10/2022]

  • 4.000 DAI
  • 2.000 DXD, vested for 3 years with a 1-year cliff starting the 15/10/2022
  • 0.1667% REP

Work experience


@dinocres has been a great contributor and team member! Very communicative, and curious, whilst working together with us to steadily improve the codebase. I approve strongly!


@dinocres if you continue your good work on davi and also contribute to smart contracts issues you should submit your next worker proposal on level 3.

Level 2: I have limited skills from previous experiences that will carry over in my work for DXdao, but I do have some web development work, prior writing experience or business development.
Level 3: I have skills and experience in Web3/DeFi/DAOs that translate directly to DXdao. I can provide value to key initiatives for DXdao but need guidance on how to complete and check tasks.


I’m in full support of this. Dino is doing great work on DXgov and making a considerable impact on DAVI’s progress. It’s clear to me he is already beyond this beginner stage and adding real value.
So glad to have you here Dino!


Thanks for the support! Self-evaluation in this instance gets a little tricky, so I appreciate your comments.

You’re a great part of making this DAO as awesome as it is :grin:


On-chain proposal: link



This past two months, we focused on delivering the features mentioned in the “Feature Freeze” and improving the project’s performance and stability.

I’m thrilled to say we achieved that and launched both a closed and open beta. We’ve gathered a lot of feedback on feature requests and improvements, and so far, the reception has been great.

From a development perspective, I’ve changed how I review my code before submitting it. Instead of an extensive review, I try to read and refactor it in small batches when I complete a particular part of the code. I’ve found that an extensive review at the end misses some issues that are easier to spot in more atomic reviews when the code is still fresh. So on that point, the reviews for the whole team have been an invaluable source of personal improvement.

About testing, we’ve been focusing a lot more on improving our test coverage. All new code must be tested, and we include many more unit tests for the components instead of relying only upon snapshots.

From a “formal education” perspective, I’ve been mainly reading blog posts, but not books, as was my initial goal. I’ll focus on improving that aspect in the next two months since a lot of valuable information needs a book to be conveyed.

Another point that gets to be improved is PR reviews: I should’ve done more reviews and sometimes prioritized my PR instead of reviewing others. I’ll tackle this point of improvement in my next proposal.

I’m writing this on the final day of the DevCon, and it’s been an incredible experience.

While attending the Infinite Hackathon, we built an on- and off-chain multi-vote prototype with @Milton and @borisblock, which I think would be a valuable starting point to fully implement both features.

From the Devcon, there was a lot of focus on ZKP that could prove valuable at some point for governance. Also, I’ve attended talks about governance systems, solidity, javascript, and assembly (that ERC20 token contract is as unreadable as it is efficient) development, security, L2s, testing, and some stuff I’m probably missing.

Also, can’t stress enough how awesome was meeting with the whole team, both from DXgov and DXdao in general. I can finally put faces and expressions to our everyday talks jaja. But for real, you’ve all been incredible.

Finally, I’ll write the following proposal after the retreat at Cartagena (so a week after it’s due) since it’ll be the perfect moment to define what has to be done in the next two months. Writing a proposal before that pivoting moment might render it outdated just a week later.

Closed issues from 15/08/2022 to 14/08/2022

Balance field - interupted when trying to enter two digits

Proposal Preview page - unable to vote for myself

Get only active proposals first

Get all discussions for guild and display in cards

Update content-hash for ENS subdomains

‘Update ENS Content’ action tooltip is flickering on hover

SWPRGuild page - currency filters chrash the app

User can’t create Proposal which include ‘Update ENS Content’ action

Amount field - unable to insert data in some cases

Update react to v18

Unable to disconnect my wallet from DAPP

IPFS Pinata Pin

Allow signal proposals

Remove default value in number input after selecting

Add different colours for states

Bug preventing discussion creation

Hide discussions

Pending review PRs

Raw transaction builder


On chain proposal

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