Different Streams to work on? How I can help?

I suggest DAO creation and design to work on different streams and areas. Creation and design is a big topic.

I want to help on:

  1. User interface mock ups. We need mobile friendly User interfaces. So people use the DAO quicker. We are 80% of our time on mobile. So the UI needs to be mobile friendly and responsive.

  2. Business case/business model design and creation. I use the business model canvass and business model you canvass for all new ventures. I think this method can be useful next to the dao kitchen method for design and creation of daos.

  3. Smart contract logical functions definitions. I think dao creators need to model their business functions logically.what can a dao do! Next to voting, reputation distribution? I’m very interested in the descriptionof logical functions of daos. I have done this in the past for software applications. I think you can design -ready offshelf daos- with say 100 functions designed. All these functions can then be implemented as smart contracts by the technical people. In myr enewable dao document I have modelled some functions. I believe the more functions a dao has the more it can work like an autonomous organization. Without human intervention.

  4. Daos for small island economies and for smart islands. You can wake me up at night for everything happening on small islands. @Luukweber and I are from the small island Curacao, and with Curadao we want to set an example for other small islands.

  5. Finally: as a newcommer in the blockchain world I am still not completely onboard. I have a wallet. But I have no eth and no bitcoin. So everything that is related to facilitating and making it easier for people putside the blockchain world to onboard is interesting for me. I plan to help Luuk with an onboarding automated agent through facebook. If you want to see how a test versionof this works - on my business website pm me. Say I want to meet Bianca Bot. I don’t want toput the link here because I want to control it. Once wehave the chatbot demo for curadao working I will update you.

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I think of the different areas you’ve presented, 3-5 could use the most help. 3 and 4 could actually be the same project: some sort of whitepaper for an island DAO, and within that paper a specification for its “various functions” as you call them. 5 also interests me as I think an onboarding bot running from Facebook to DAOs could be a really great value proposition – especially if you can demonstrate a steady conversion rate that relates to paid media. With Facebook’s advanced targetting tools you could realistically have a DAO assign a budget to promotion, drive people to the onboarding bot, and have accurate analytics on “cost per acquisition.”