#dHack Thread, your help requested

Hey guys!

The #dHack discussion comes to DAOtalk! (TBD: #dHack working group call this Tuesday, before or after the Pollinator call)

A few of us here have been working on #dhack – a decentralized decision-making hackathon model based on Alchemy. We’re moving fast it seems - a few weeks ago @exponent run a successful #blockathon in Australia.
Now we have two upcoming implementations, and we need your help!

1. ETHIndia - August 2-4

Together with ETHGlobal, the organizer of ETHIndia, about 350 hackers will be able to request funding for their hackathon projects using Alchemy. More on this in the Genesis Proposal I’ve submitted a few days ago. The goal is to continue and build a continuous hackathon with ETHglobal that will include participants from over 10 cities around the world.

We also have a reputation allocation to GenesisDAO members in the ETHIndia #dHack. -> Please comment on the proposal, or on this post to get some rep**!**

(You’ll be the first to try the reputation redemption feature)

We also need your help in:

  • Helping with Q&A and onboarding users to the Telegram group (Metamask, Alchemy, proposals, general quesitons)
  • The prediction challenge - We don’t expect many of the people to fully understand the rules of the game, therefore we would need your help staking for projects you predict will pass.
  • Help market and spread the word about dHack, follow and engage with dHack Twitter
  • The proposal description template - AKA the funding request of dHack Attendees. It’s still open. (What else would you like to know, think is important?)
  • The ETHIndia intro post would love feedback on the quick explanation of how Alchemy works in dHack.
  • ETHIndia DAO parameters The goal is to create a very quick and fast paced decision making, concentrated in about 24 hours.

2. ETHBerlin: August 23-25: (Intro blog post)

ETHberlin is going to be a huge event, 700+ hackers, big prizes, and a part of the Berlin Blockchain week. The goal is to continue and become an ETHBerlin collective consciousness for decision-making that will go beyond the Hackathon.

In ETHBerlin we will allow multiple touchpoints to collect and redeem reputation, creating a game to accumulate reputation. I will post more once we get closer to ETHBerlin.

Feel free to message me about questions, or join the Telegram group and ask there.

I will update this post with progress and requests, as well as in the #dHack telegram channel

The dHack breaking room today had an interesting conversation.

TL:DR: dHack is a bit handicapped with the current DAO scheme, combined with the fact these are newcomers to Alchemy (some to Metamask) it poses a pesky challenge that can be alleviated with the help of GenDAO by participating, staking, and answering questions during dHack DAO peak traffic on August 3-4th

Long version:
We raised the issue of the improper DAO scheme we are using for the dHack, as technically it rewards the fastest over the best proposals. (e.g. the top voted proposal did pass, but after the DAO has already been drained of funds)

A few scheme ideas for this

  • “Funded” periods, where if the DAO’s funds go below a certain threshold all active proposals fail.
  • Time intervals, in which at the end of one, all proposals that haven’t already passed, automatically fail.
    Or, at the end of the time interval, top x proposals with the highest positive vote ratio win.

Something that came up which can be used in the #ETHIndia scenario now is to do raise the downstake to effectively economically block participants from boosting proposals, and instead, the team would boost the proposals with the highest positive vote ratio. This coincides with the fact this will be a big crowd of newcomers, and understand just both layers of voting and predicting might be complicated.
I’m personally against this, as it effectively ruins the game.

The probable way things will unfold is that participants will vote, but a very small number of them would also predict.

This is where the Genesis team will be needed most to stake proposals they think will pass (high positive vote ratio), vote on proposals they want to see receive funding, and to participate in the chat

Join the tg to chat more! https://t.me/dHack0 for