DeversiFi Marketing Proposal

As you all may know, the Nectar DAO is now open for governance. We have been hard at work preparing for an exciting chapter in the DeversiFi roadmap where we level up our marketing efforts to increase volume, user-ship and awareness of DeversiFi and the Nectar Token.

To fuel a powerful 3-month marketing initiative we have prepared a proposal to be submitted to Nectar DAO for approval.

Before we submit, we would like to solicit feedback and suggestions which we can use to make final adjustments before proceeding.

Proposal Draft:

As detailed in the proposal, all reporting will be handled here in DAOtalk and in this particular thread where we will deliver updates and host AMAs.


100k doesn’t seem like a large amount for a three month marketing campaign and a lot of the proposal seems to focus on ‘one-off’ purchases of marketing real estate. Could you increase the total spend but at the same time ensure higher longevity? Would having a higher spend mean that you could negotiate longer term deals with vendors at a better rate?

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Hi HoneyBadger, thank you for your message. You raise an interesting point. A higher spend would certainly give us more power in securing favourable deals. Our thinking at this stage, however, is that it makes more sense to take it step by step. The scope of this proposal is large and hence we’re requesting funds on a periodic, triphasic basis. Provided all goes to plan and the overall 3 month plan is a success (we will provide frequent reporting here) then it may make sense for us to look at a larger spend for a longer period of time. Perhaps covering the rest of 2020.

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