Development Work Proposal

This proposes 1 month of work starting as soon as the proposal is accepted by the Dxdao. This proposal replaces the Mix.eth proposal.

Recently a four developer team has amalgamated around building the Dxdao Fundraiser dapp. The Fundraiser is on track to launch in the next few weeks. At the same time, many exciting developments are underway for the Dxdao. Two products, namely Mesa and Omen, are nearing launch, and a third product, Mix, is ready to go into development. Along with these three significant efforts, dev support will be needed for the fundraiser launch as well as initiatives to encourage new membership such as the GNO Challenge and the Gitcoin airdrop. It is crucial for the Dxdao that the experienced team already working on the Fundraiser and other efforts continue in a full time effort to support the Dxdao. This proposal is a plan to enable this for the next month.

Until the fundraiser is successful, the Dxdao has extremely limited funds. Luckily, Level K has been able to secure some modest grant funding to subsidize the current team’s efforts. This proposal complements that subsidy with Dxdao reputation and Dxdao ETH debt. While we are hesitant to put the Dxdao into any kind of significant debt ahead of the fundraiser, this proposal adds $8K of debt, which we feel is a reasonable amount that will quickly be paid down by the fundraiser if it can pass the “kickstarter” phase initial goal.

A YES vote for this proposal signals that the Dxdao is committed to paying the following parties according to the amounts below for 1 month of full time work for the Dxdao in support of its products, namely Omen, Mesa, Mix, and the Dxdao Fundraiser. Payment proposals will be made in two equal parts, one a week into the work, and one at the end of the month.


Level K (2 people)

  • 6% Reputation
  • $4000 in Ether as DAO debt


  • 3% Reputation
  • $2000 in Ether as DAO debt


  • 3% Reputation
  • $2000 in Ether as DAO debt

Updated the payout breakdown by rolling two of the parties into one (Level K). The people working and total numbers remain the same.