Developer Proposal (Tony)

Hello, This is Tony from keybase chat. I am a full-stack developer (frontend focused), based in Ontario, Canada.

P.S. Referred by Chris Powers.

Timeframe: 18/12/2020 ~ 31/12/2020, two weeks. (This trial is to exposure my skills for long-term collaboration with DXdao.)

Responsibilities : Support the frontend work of Swapr project.

Experience Level : I would like to start at lvl 3 for trial period.

Things I love and am good at : React, Redux, Redux-Saga, React-Native, Styled-components, ExpressJS, Typescript, NodeJS, Go

Things I want to learn but am junior with : Rust, Solidity, Truffle

Things I don’t like and will absolutely, 100%, definitely not work with : PHP, jQuery

My experience : Worked as a full-stack developer for the past 4 years (mostly remote)

Past Projects: (ReactNative + Redux + Firebase) (React Hooks + Redux + Material-UI, Node.JS + MySQL) (React + Typescript + Sass)

Personality : Super talkative, opinionated

Some profiles : ,

Edit : Regarding the compensation, at the end of trial period, I will be requesting

  • $2250 in DAI, baseSalary 6K * 0.5(2 weeks full-time) * 0.75 (first month of trial period)
  • $1500 in DXD, (4K * 0.5 * 0.75)
  • The DXD would be vested over 24 months with a 12 month cliff.

Hey @Tony
I like your clear proposal. Looking forward to your contributions to DXdao!
Let me know if you have any questions


Tony has been very active since coming into the community and have heard good things from his initial reactions with DXdao contributors.

I just boosted the proposal and look forward to working together.