Developer Proposal - Second Half of the First Two Months

Previous Proposal: Developer Proposal - First Two Months

TimeFrame: 22/02/2021 ~ 21/04/2021.

Position: Frontend Developer


I come from a non-computer science background and I completed my education in Chemical engineering but then I decided that it wasn’t for me. I gave programming a good go and here I am.

So this is the end of my 2 1/2 month trial period and it has been an interesting experience. I joined the Mesa team at the beginning of February and at that point we had Martin, Nico and Adam, and I joined as the fourth team member and third developer. Initially the team were apprehensive about on-boarding a level 1 developer who had little experience with blockchain projects. However, I had managed to persuade them of my use and to try to give me a shot as there were plenty of work to do, so I just got on with it.

I have very much enjoyed working with the folk within the Mesa team, learning a boat load more then I would if I had joined a typical company and experiencing what it is like to join and participate in a fully decentralised autonomous organisation and the intricacies that come with that.

Completed Work:

Here are the links to my completed work:


What I did well:

  • Complete my objectives within the frontend

What I did Okay:

  • I believe that I have managed to integrate okay into the keybase DAO and discord communities.

What I did not do well:

  • Speed, with the amount of new technologies to learn I have slowed down and things take longer than it should. I acknowledge that getting the Mesa MVP as soon as possible is our current top priority as there are a lot of new other IDO projects released, even our old partner Gnosis have already managed to release their own IDO product.
  • Code quality, sometimes in the rush to push out code and to complete my objectives in a timely fashion I end up taking shortcuts which shouldn’t be taken. I have taken steps to try and mitigate this by implementing pre-commit rules and frequent code reviews.


  • Level 1
  • Full TIme
  • DAI: $3200
  • DXD: $1600 (Vested)
  • REP: 0.1667%

Thanks for the background and your reflections.

I tried clicking the links for the Completed Work but there I got a 404 missing error for both Github links. Do you have an updated link?

my bad. it should work now