Developer Proposal (Ryuhei) - for 2 weeks trial period

Hi, This is Ryuhei. I am full stack developer, based in Japan.
I joined DxDAO last week, and started trial task.
My main focus is Mesa smart contract development.

Timeframe: 08/02/2021 ~ 22/02/2021, two weeks (I’d like to prove my skills during trial period for long-term contribution to DxDAO)

Responsibilities: Contribute on Mesa MVP smart contracts along with Nico, and prepare smart contracts for audits, post-audit fixes and deployment preparations.

Experience Level: I’d like to start at lvl 5 - highest level since I am very experienced with solidity.

My experience: Worked as a full stack software engineer for over 7 years, and worked on smart contracts for last 2 years. After YFI released, I decided to understand popular Defi projects, and checked most of Defi smart contracts.

Profiles: ryuheimat (Ryuhei Matsuda) · GitHub

Regarding the compensation, at the end of trial period, I will be requesting

  • $2000 in USDC, base salary 8K * 0.5(2 weeks) * 0.5 (for trial)
  • $1500 in DXD, (6K * 0.5 * 0.5)

Thanks for joining us.

Ryu has helped us big during his trial, and he is going full time. We agreed that he is paid as L5 for the trial because this was his self rating and we think Ryu earned this because he solved all the task given with ease.

For the full-time proposal Ryu agreed to start as a L4 because we found out that to be L5 it would need more work on the organizational and product level.