Developer Proposal (ChienHui Lee)

Hi, This is Lee ChienHui. I am a full stack developer from Canada.
I joined DxDAO last week, and started trial task.
The main project I will work on is Mesa project as a front-end developer.

Timeframe : 08/02/2021 ~ 21/02/2021, two weeks (I’d like to prove my skills during trial period for long-term contribution to DxDAO)

Responsibilities : Contribute on Mesa front-end projects with Martin and Adam.

Experience Level : I’d like to start at lvl 5 - since I am good at front-end with 7 years of experience.

My experience : Passionate software engineer with over 7 years of experience developing software under web, desktop, and mobile environments. I am familiar with dApp development with Web3 & Ethers.js with 3 years of experience.

Profiles : light-fury (Light Fury) · GitHub

Regarding the compensation, at the end of trial period, I will be requesting

  • $2000 in USDC, base salary 8K * 0.5(2 weeks) * 0.5 (Trial Period)
  • $1500 in DXD, (6K * 0.5 * 0.5)

Thanks for joining us. Lee works on the Mesa front-end right now, but also has some solidity experience.

He has helped us during his trial and his going full time. We agreed that he is paid as L5 for the trial because this was his self rating. Also because we think Lee earned this because he took ownership of the FE and jumped in to bring Mesa forward and will be a great help for us.

For the full-time proposal Lee agreed to start as a L4 because to be L5 it would need more work on the organizational level.

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