Developer Proposal: 23/04/2021 - 23/06/2021

Levotiate Worker Proposal 23/04/2021 to 23/06/2021

Updated according to feedback from the DAO


Hi, this is the worker proposal for Levotiate. I am a full stack developer based in the UK. I am currently working as a developer with Mesa.


I have completed my trial period of 2.5 months and this will be my first 2 months contributing to Mesa

  • 23/04/2021 to 23/06/2021

Reflection from my trial + first 2 months :

What I did well:
• Complete my objectives within the frontend
What I did Okay:
• I believe that I have managed to integrate okay into the keybase DAO and discord communities.
What I did not do well:
• Speed, with the amount of new technologies to learn I have slowed down and things take longer than it should. I acknowledge that getting the Mesa MVP as soon as possible is our current top priority as there are a lot of new other IDO projects released, even our old partner Gnosis have already managed to release their own IDO product.
• Code quality, sometimes in the rush to push out code and to complete my objectives in a timely fashion I end up taking shortcuts which shouldn’t be taken. I have taken steps to try and mitigate this by implementing pre-commit rules and frequent code reviews.

More details can be found here: Developer Proposal - Second Half of the First Two Months


I will be working on the front-end interface of the mesa product mainly. My key roles working on the front end will be to implement new features, general bug fixes and assist with whatever else that may need to be done in the future.

I wish to start working on the smart contracts and the subgraph in the future once the MVP is complete.



Experience Level: 1

Time commitment: Full-time

$8000 DAI : For 2 months of work at level 1, to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal

$4000 DXD : Vested for 2 years with a 1 year cliff starting the 23/04/2021

0.3334% REP: for 2 months of work, to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal

Work Experience:


Describing on what you are going to be working in the next two months in just 10 words does not look serious, I would recommend you to take the time to write a good worker proposal with responsibilities in more detail, set some goals that we can use to verify and follow on what you will be working on, add previous experience, github, linkedin.


Also please add your keybase or alias in the title, so we know who is the worker that si submitting the proposal,and I guess you should call it worker proposal, not developer proposal.

Anyway seems like you need a lot of help finishing your worker proposal and @Melanie can help you (?

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Thank you for your lovely contributions to my post. If you have difficulties in understanding my post, please feel free to elaborate on exactly what you do not understand about

  • To Work on the Front-end interface of the Mesa product

Hamza, @AugustoL is right. This proposal will not pass given the responsibilities and the timeframe. The Mesa frontend is a like lego set; it’s vague what you will be working on for the next two months. There’s room for elaboration. A good start would be:

  • Mentioning task cards from the Trello board. We have many.
  • Add few goals that you want to deliver; should you fail, you can reflect on them.

Thanks Hamza, I think it’s good to have it more elaborate than the first version. Thank you very much for the work you have done for the Mesa team.


There’s no need to turn proposals into self-flagellations. :crazy_face: Instead, I’d like to see people have the confidence to tell us if we have failed them in any way. Let us know where the team can help, communicate your needs. I am sure you’re mindful of all the friendly advice given. Sticking around seems to be a feat on its own. I for one am grateful to everyone for the time they dedicate for the cause. Thank you, too, buddy. There aren’t many candidates lined up anyway. :wink: