Dev Violet Worker Proposal 31.12.2020-30.01.2020


31/12/2020-30/01/2021, 1 month


I will be primary be contributing to omen development along with working on dxDao landing page.


  • Front-end tasks along with thegraph issues that are suited for me

Landing page

  • Maintain landing page along with introducing docs that i have already started working on

Proof of work:


I will be applying as level 3 full-time for one month which I arrived at consultation with Kaden and Geronimo. Last month I took 5 days off of which 2.5 were accounted for and this month I will be taking one day off on the 7-th of January which is big national holiday in Serbia. So to account for 3.5 days which are not included into my worker proposal I will be pushing the date I apply from 27-th to 31st.

  • 6000USD paid in ETH. First half of 3000USD upfront and second half of 3000USD at the end of proposal duration. Because of the current eth volatility and high gas prices I will be taking average weekly price from 30.december-5.january and for the second part average weekly price from 23-30th january.
  • 4000$ in DXD payed at the end of the proposal duration vested for 2 years with one year cliff at the current dxd price
  • 0.1667% REP payed at the end of the proposal duration

If community finds this way of calculating price okay, I would like to do it for every proposal now on until we solve it with some dai in treasury. Since it would elevate unnecessary stress over current price.