Dev Violet Worker Proposal 27.11.2020-27.12.2020


27/11/2020-27/12/2020, 1 month


I will be primary be contributing to omen development along with maintaining dxDao landing page. I have also spoken with Martin Krung regarding helping with Mesa but we haven’t arrived at nothing specific yet but i would like to help in any way!


  • I will be doing mostly front-end tasks for Omen but since recently I have begun exploring theGraph and I’m planning to start contributing in the coming month as much as my skills allow.

Landing page

  • I will start working on issues from the landing page repo. Also if designs could be ready this month for dxDao blog I could implement it. Along with of course any additions that are needed for the future releases!

Proof of work:


I will be applying as level 2 full-time and since this is my third month I will be applying for the full amount. I arrived at this in consultation with Kaden and Geronimo whome I have worked most closely with in the past month. Also I will be deducting 1/8 of pay so i could get time off for the holidays.

  • level 2 equates to 5000$ minus 1/8 for the holidays=4375$ in ETH of that .50% upfront(2187.5$) and .50%(2187.5$) at the end of the proposal duration
  • 3000$ in DXD minus 1/8 for the holidays=2400$ in DXD payed at the end of the proposal duration vested for 2 years with one year cliff
  • 0.1667% REP payed at the end of the proposal duration

-I purposely didn’t deduct REP like the DXD and ETH because in my opinion it shouldn’t be, correct me if I’m wrong


@Violet has joined the Omen team just recently with the premise to learn react as quickly as possible to start contributing (Violet has experience in vue.js development). He is now contributing valuable work and is clearly committed not only to the omen project but more importantly the DXdao itself. I enjoy working with him and the rest of the team!


I did talk with @Violet. I can’t judge his dev skills yet, but I think he is a fit for the DXdao. If we start hacking the mesa frontend I will be glad to have his help.


@Violet is a pleasure to work with, looking forward to his continuing contributions to Omen!


@Violet has not only made great progress with his development abilities, but also proven his passion and work ethic. He’s a great member of the Omen team.