Dev Violet Worker Proposal 27.09.2020-27.10.2020

From 27.09.2020-27.10.2020, one month


  • Support Omen as a front-end developer.

  • Homepage improvements for the website


According to the worker compensation guidelines I would consider myself as an experienced level 2. I will be applying with an experience level 1 because I need to first learn react. Lastly I can currently only commit 5 out of 8 hours per day.

  • 1875 USD to be paid in ETH. Instead of 8 hours per day (which is a regular full time developer) I can work 5 hours per day which results to a monthly salary of 2500 USD. I am starting with an experienced level 1 and doing a trial period of one month which reduced my monthly salary by 25% to 1875 USD. 50% (937 USD) to be paid once the proposal gets approved and 50% on 27/10/2020 when the work agreement finishes.

  • 0.10% REP (voting power in DXdao)

  • 500 USD to be paid in DXD vesting over 12 months with a 6 month cliff, based on the buy price on at time of vesting/lockup contract creation. A lockup/vesting contract which will be funded at final payment and use 27.09.2020 as the starting date of the vesting.

Work Experience:

I have been a web developer for the past two years. In the beginning I was doing mostly html and css gigs, along with learning Vue.js. Since December 2019 till the beginning of September 2020 I was working with the crypto project Origin Trail as front-end developer.

  • I have done mostly Vue.js,html,css and smart contracts related technologies (solidity, ethers.js,infura…) . I was in charge of monitoring the platform which collects data from smart contract events and displays it on charts.

  • I’m also studying economics at university, which has helped me alot in this space.

Mi-Lan (Violet) · GitHub

I would love to hear your thoughts about my involvement positive or negative !


Omen is react.js and uses redux as store but I guess you already took that in count.

Curious have you done any PR or collaboration in Omen already? I dont see any PR to the omen dapp in your github profile, If you did it would be better to have it on the proposal.

We do weekly developer calls each Tuesday at 5pm CET, I hope you can join us!


Hello @AugustoL ,

Yeah I took that into account. But since I know vue.js and vuex it won’t be that hard to switch, it’s very similar. And I’m making big effort to learn it as soon as possible so i can contribute! I have 3 private classes a week with about 5 hours daily into learning react from Udemy course.

I haven’t done any collaboration but i was talking extensively with Corkus and i should start with some small tasks for landing page first. Then I will probably move on to Omen since those tasks are little more complicated.

Yeah man totally i will be there! I’m also open to suggestions to how i can contribute and learn more efficiently, this is for now what we came up with.



Great, yes this dapps are not the ones that you will learn to code in those courses but the tools are the same :slight_smile:
You already talked with corkus the man, good! have you joined the development chat in keybase and introduce yourself to the community? That would be the place to ask for help or guidance in case you are block or need anything.

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Yeah i joined all the channels and also introduced myself last week. I also attended bunch of meeting to familiarize with ongoing stuff… I will ask thank you! It’s just, I now need to go through the basics… Do you know maybe someone who is also new to react like me to see how he went about learning it?