Dev Efforts that got funded by DAOs

Here are some examples of Dev Efforts that got funded by DAOs running on DAOstack. Feel free to inspire yourself from them to write up your proposal.

On PolkaDAO:

PolkaViz - Proposal 00, 1’000 DAI, June 2019, Prastut Kumar
PolkaViz - Proposal 01, 1’000 DAI, July 2019, Prastut Kumar
Adding Edgeware to The Universal Faucet, 250 DAI, Jesse Abramowitz (BlockX Labs)
Polkadot/Substrate Type Library Port to Java (Milestone Veleta), 450 DAI, Felix Kuestahler

On GenesisDAO:

Alchemy UI development - consolidate all redemptions , 10 ETH, Aug 10 2019, TheDAO.Agency
Proposal for DAOstack Mobile App, 10 ETH + 100 GEN, Jul 20 2019, Mark Pereira (Alice DApp)
Multi-Perspective Wiki for Alchemy (design phase), 8 ETH, Jul 8 2019, Pepo Ospina (CollectiveOne)

On KyberDAO:

Web3j compliant - Fully featured Java Client Library for the Restful Kyber Trading API, 1.4K KNC, Aug 11 2019, Felix Kuestahler
Medium Article “Hello World Kyber Network for Java”, 900 KNC, Jun 30 2019, Felix Kuestahler


Good stuff Adrien,
here some additional resource for my DAO funded Dev projects.
I got three Java developed projects funded (PolkaDAO (1) and KyberDAO (2))
You can find the article(s) to the topic here

My 2nd passed Kyber DAO proposal (still ongoing, can be found here)

Each of it was requesting for funds (DAI or KNC) in the range of 200-300 USD.


It’s pretty cool to see cross-DAO pollination – hopefully within the next year we’ll see a number of folks working as “free agents” across the ecosystem!