Derek Deng: The First Reputation Request Requiring Contribution 🧐

Per the passing of this proposal, GenDAO has agreed that only new DAO members who contribute to Genesis Alpha’s purpose will be admitted.

Derek Deng has asked for membership in GenDAO. He is the first proposer after the passing of the contribution requirement to do so.

Do you think Deng has contributed?

  • Yes, he’s contributed! I’ll explain below :sparkles:
  • No, he hasn’t contributed, he must earn his place :x:
  • I’m going to ignore the contribution requirement and just vote him in anyway :firecracker:
  • I abstain :confused:

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IMHO we should continue business as usual until an actual framework for contributions is validated on alchy

Double kudos for signaling the issue and doing that with such style in the forum, I love it ::]

Thanks for enforcing, I forgot about it, I’ll point Derek to this post! I only noticed your comment after voting so I suppose the high gas fees paid are the cost of my not paying enough attention haha.

Just to be clear, my intent here is not enforcement. I am not an enforcer!

I am simply reminding that the DAO “signalled” a certain way of doing things and now it has to decide next steps :wink:

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I think it’s actually important to have enforcers, even if you didn’t intend, I hope this post and discussion acts to enforce if this is what the collective agreed on.

Something we may want to figure out is how to create an easy onboarding path with “pick a contribution” list or something so that would still be welcoming to n00bs.

Adding comment: language, culture and digital life forms are presenting a massive barrier. Wehave to onboard most Chinese people to the Chiense DAO HiBlock and bitfwd are starting for the #Blockathon. we’ll need your help in launching it. will DM

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