Deprecated Arc Contracts

Following contracts have been deprecated for arc version > 33 :

  • Universal Controller
  • Universal Generic Scheme


  • use non universal Generic Scheme for the enabling Generic Actions for your DAO.
  • use non universal Controller i.e. each DAO deploy a new (non universal) Controller.


  • Subgraph and Alchemy will be backward compatible and support old DAOs that are already deployed and using mentioned contract.

Deploying your DAO

using migration

  • Do not set useUController option
  • Register “GenericScheme” instances and add them in customSchemes section

using dOrg DAOcreator

  • dOrg’s DAO-creater already use non-universal controller.
  • currently it is using universal generic scheme and we insist them to update soon.

**Docs on dev portal will be updated soon to reflect the same information

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