Delphi Enters DXdao - Our Proposals

Hey everyone, our team has been listening in on governance calls and watching these forums closely over the past few weeks. Today, we’re excited to officially announce we joined DXdao over the past week and plan on helping move the conversation forward in whatever way we can.

To start, we wanted to publicly share a report we sent to our clients this week. In it, we give an overview of the current state of DXdao and share a few proposals we think could really help move the DAO forward.

Read the full report here:

We put a ton of work into the report itself, so we’ll let everyone read and digest it over the weekend.

The two lead analysts for the report Medio and Anil will be presenting on the Strategy Call taking place Monday at 11 AM EST as well as the Governance Call Wednesday at 11 AM EST.

We’re really excited to be joining this community and can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any comments or questions!

Talk soon,
The Delphi Team


Welcome. It is cool to have thoughtleaders like the Delphi team joining the community.


Exciting stuff.

Have still only skimmed the report but I do like:

  1. Strategy Change
    The long term fee model that allows members of the DAO (token holders?) to use all services for free/ at marginal costs but to focus meanwhile on growth.

  2. Bonding Curve Update
    Agree, sell liquidity is important as well. For now the dxDAO does not have funding issues. So the curve could be changed to keep much more money in reserve for buy liquidity. An interesting opportunity to help dxDAO produce (Mesa) would be to deploy a similar bonding curve (custom automated market maker) as DIA did it very successfully.

cc @geronimo @JohnKelleher @ykplayer8