Deliverables - Trinidad Blockchain, Crypto & DAO

Thank you, Genesis! Because of your support we were able to host a full day event focussing on DAOs in #Trinidad.

After the successful 2-day DAO workshop in Curacao, Anja Blaj from DGOV foundation reached out to co-host an event in Trinidad.

With a lot of support from the local community, we managed to prepare everything in less than 2 weeks! πŸš€

Over 65 motivated individuals attended #Blockchain, #Crypto and #DAOs at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. The full-day event consisted of multiple presentations, lightning talks, collaboration circles, and 3 workshops!

The amount of engagement was overwhelming, the attendees asked great questions and came up with inspiring ideas.

During the lighting talks, CBN co-founder and early Genesis pollinator Ruben presented about Genesis and @daostack!

We hosted 3 workshops

Over 50 people stayed till the end and participated in the workshops!

The report containing all deliverables

Q: Due to some unexpected costs (Visa, Extra Rent costs at the University, ETH going down) we were not able to cover all expenses and are about $150 in the negative. Should we cover these expenses from our own pocket or could we submit another proposal to Genesis to cover the final costs? Also, in case we should submit a proposal should we combine this with another proposal to save Genesis GEN or would it be better to submit it as an independent proposal?

Now we’re back to working on the CuraDAO which is planned to give live on July 1st!

I would submit a new, independent proposal to cover the cost, and include your deliverables in it to prove that you delivered. I think GenDAO is well aware of the volatility and will believe this is a reasonable request :+1: