Deliverables - Curaçao DAO workshop

Thanks to the Genesis community we were able to host a 2-day DAO workshop during the Curaçao Blockchain Week.

As promised we have documented our learnings and took the first steps towards creating a DAO in Curaçao. A special thanks to @dragonfly for (dragon)flying to Curaçao and inspiring the community with his knowledge and ideas.

The workshop turned out to be a great success with almost 30 attendees. Together with the community, we decided to run a DAO pilot with the goal to improve the collaboration environment in Curaçao and prove that DAOs empower individuals to create meaningful projects. We already reached consensus on a name for the pilot: CURADAO

The report containing all deliverables

If you have an idea or want to get involved in the Curadao just leave a comment below :slight_smile: