Delay new markets until we have a better relationship with Polygon

As of Nov 21, 15:02 UTC the smart contract providing liquidity rewards sponsored by Polygon ran out of funds. This is the second time since the program started (Oct 1) that is has run out of funds. Last time, they acted relatively quickly and it was only out of funds for two days. This time we’re on Day #9 and there is no signs of movement.

This time there is no signs of any action. I’ve tried email, the Polygon Discord, and DMs on Twitter. No response.

If possible, Augur should consider putting a pause on all new markets until this is resolved.
Also ideally we could reboot with the elimination of the No Contest markets (as this is the best way to make LPing sustainable in the long run).

This is an ongoing issue and I think there is a strong case for doing this.