Deep Dao - a DAO explorer for necDAO

Hi everyone,

I created a proposal draft for a DAO explorer for necDAO. What do you guys think?

The proposal is for creating a detailed DAO explorer. A first version for DAOStack DAOs is already deployed on, and I’m proposing to create new graphs, provide daily updates, and deploy the explorer as a subdomain on deepdao, or an entirely new domain selected by necDAO.

Please first take a look at Click on necDAO in the table, and browse the various tabs. There’s quite a bit of information there.

I’m proposing to add the following features:

  1. Graphs for showing proposals, voting, and staking participation levels over time.

  2. Time range filtering on all relevant tables, including Top Level, Indices, Proposals, and Members. (For example, you’d be able to see how many people voted last month, vs. six months ago).

  3. Graphs describing the financial holdings of a DAO over time.

  4. A table allowing searches on all financial information, with time range filtering.

  5. Voter behavior - when do people respond to proposals (early in the proposal lifecycle, or later.)

  6. Member page, with current and past holdings, proposals created, voted on and staked on.

Daily updates: the current data is updated once or twice a month. I’m proposing to automate the updates process and make them daily.

Separate domain: I will upload the necDAO explorer to a domain selected by the community.

Compensation: $3,500.

About myself: I’m a long time developer and product manager. I’ve been in the DAO space for a couple of years. A DAOStack pollinator. Deep Dao was initially funded vie a proposal to Genesis Alpha.

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Hi Eyal,

Thank for the post! Personally, I really like the idea of this and think the cost is reasonable. It’s also great that a bulk of the work is essentially already completed.

I would add that in addition to your bullet points above, I think it would also be worthwhile to include some design changes to ensure the interface matches the visual design/colour scheme of the site.

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Thanks @Ben! Yes, that’s a good idea, I’ll add it.

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Just to add my two cents, I like the concept and generally the more statistics the better. I think the UI could be better tailored to (but you have already addressed that in your pitch)

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Thanks @RossMidd!

Yes, I can do the design based on your needs. Maybe I’ll submit the proposal as is, and then we’ll wait for the UI that you guys want, and I’ll create a stage 2 for this feature. Does this make sense?

Hi Eyal,

I would say the proposal as is is only complete if it is added as a URL in but that can/should only happen if it fits the design.

My feeling is that the price at the moment is reasonable but I don’t think this should be stretched out. The stats currently available on deepdaoworld are already quite comprehensive and I think the key value to nectar holders is how well this is embedded into

Perhaps the proposal could be re-jigged to focus on design?

Hi Ben,

From what I can see on the design changes would be in the color scheme, and the fonts. I would also have to remove’s header and side bar so that my url on your site would be seamlessly integrated. If these are the changes, it shouldn’t be a problem.