Dapp Boilerplate Proposal

Before officially submitting our proposal, I wanted to run it by here first.

Our proposal would be to provide a dApp boilerplate template via Github using Angular 10/Bootstrap 4, showing best practices around the latest way to use Metamask and connect to web3. It would include comprehensive readme.md file explaining how to get up and running.

This is based on the current work up at https://www.emoon.io/, which you can see yourself. We would strip it down to the barebones (none of our skin) and provide the following:

  1. Minimal UI, showing how to do account login via metamask and display address in header.
  2. Show how to get ETH and ERC20 wallet balances
  3. Show how to deploy to common cloud providers (AWS, Azure, etc.)

Benefit to PrimeDao:

–Demonstrate thought leadership to developers and provide a valuable resource that isn’t available right now. Everything is React, which ostracizes the many Angular devs that exist (and Angular is a gateway framework for serverside devs used to MVC).
–Show activity in your Github repo, which is currently empty and making your github a source of prime reference material.
–Bring in other developers who may want to contribute

Features of template:

As mentioned above, you can see exactly what we’d provide if you go to https://www.emoon.io and try for yourself:

-ability to sign into Metamask (and foundation for other wallet providers),
-see your address in the address bar,
-see token balances,
-have your address dynamically change if you change your address in Metamask,
-handling if Metamask is disconnected

If this goes well, we could add additional features to this boilerplate moving forward or fork it and create more complex dapps that use it as a foundation.


We would create the boilerplate in our own private Github and allow PrimeDao members to preview. If approved, we would move it to your public repo.

Open Questions:

–Would PrimeDao add Emoon as a contributor so we could add features and address any issues raised by the community?

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We have submitted this proposal to the dao.