DAOtalk | Planned Comms Updates

This is a brief update on the plan to progressively update DAOtalk, and by extension, our ecosystem communications.

The current plan is to have this done by the end of 2019.

DAOtalk Planned Updates

  • Zendesk plugin for the Feedback category that allows DAOtalk users to submit tickets from DAOtalk as well.
  • Planned bridge between the new Collaboration Github repo and the R&D category.
  • Integration of Web3 logins per @boris proposal.
  • Alchemy <> DAOtalk bridge for all proposals and proposal comments, per @boris proposal. This means that proposals posted to Alchemy will open threads in DAOtalk, and comments posted to “proposal threads” will be posted as comments in Alchemy. All DAOs will have their own subcategories. It is not necessarily a bridge so much as a complete integration.

Some additional considered changes

The following changes to overall comms are under consideration:

  • Shuttering or bridging to team supported Discord and Telegram chats once a Web3 chat solution has been integrated into Alchemy.
  • Additional bridges to Riot chat or other chat platforms.
  • Migration of certain chat channels, such as the Book Club or the Bulletin Board to DAOtalk threads.