DAOstack's Open-Source Landscape

Open-Source Landscape

This post aims to start a registry of DAOstack open-source projects. There are a few different development groups outside DAOstack’s core team building a few different things. I’ll first lay out the primary core repos maintained by the core team ATM, and then list the community projects that’ve stemmed from them.

DISCLAIMER: These are just what I currently know of, please add your projects if they’re left out! All of these are at various stages of development, and all of them would love your love if you’re interested in contributing :slight_smile: AND Genesis can fund you!!!

Core Repos

Firstly, DAOstack’s wonderful stack of technology that they’re hastily shaping and hardening for the world’s consumption…

Full list - DAOstack · GitHub

Alchemy - Alchemy is a budgeting and resource-allocation tool for decentralized organizations.
repo: GitHub - daostack/alchemy: An app for collaborative networks (DAOs), based on the DAO stack.

Arc - DAOstack’s DAO protocol.
repo: GitHub - daostack/arc: Arc is an operating system for DAOs.

Infra - Reusable contracts that Arc uses, for example the Genesis Protocol voting machine.
repo: GitHub - daostack/infra

Migration - A repo for handeling the migration of DAOstack contracts and DAOs.
repo: GitHub - daostack/migration: A repo for handeling the migration of DAOstack contracts and DAOs.

Subgraph - A DAOstack subgraph for graph-node (the caching layer).
repo: GitHub - daostack/subgraph: A DAOstack subgraph for graph-node

Client - DAOstack’s JavaScript client.
repo: https://github.com/daostack/client

Arc.js - used to be the JS client, but is being deprecated.
repo: GitHub - daostack/arc.js: DAOstack JavaScript Client

Hacker’s Kit - Everything you need to start building DAOs using the DAOstack framework.
repo: GitHub - daostack/DAOstack-Hackers-Kit: Everything you need to start building DAOs using the DAOstack framework

Community Repos

Now the open-source projects that’re being worked on by outside teams…

DAOexplorer - An analytics dashboard for DAOstack DAOs that helps you dig into things like “who voted no on this proposal” or “who has the most rep”.
devs: @bohendo @shivgupt
repo: https://gitlab.com/shivgupt/DAOexplorer

GitHub Oracle - A service that acts as a proxy between your DAO and GitHub. The hope is to automate GitHub repo management w/ this.
devs: @octalmage
repo: @octalmage plz link me

DAOcreator - A “creation wizard” for DAOstack DAOs.
devs: the “dOrg” team - @dOrgJelli @dOrgAsgeir @gh1dra @orishim @ontologymachine
repo: GitHub - dOrgTech/DAOcreator: dApp for creating and interacting with DAOs

DAOcomponents - A react component library that wraps DAOstack’s client library, making it easier for application integrations.
devs: the “dOrg” team [names above]
repo: https://github.com/dorgtech/DAOcomponents

DAOfeatures - A repository of features that can be added to DAOstack DAOs.
devs: the “dOrg” team [names above]
repo: https://github.com/dOrgTech/DAOfeatures

DAOactions - Helpers for generating complex actions for a DAO to execute (ex: convert ETH to GNO then list it on the dutchx).
devs: the “dOrg” team [names above]
repo: https://github.com/dOrgTech/DAOactions


Posting here some archived content from Discord relating to dOrg’s DAOcreator:

We’ve proposed the submission for our first proposal “DAO Creator”, you can find it here: https://alchemy.daostack.io/dao/0xa3f5411cfc9eee0dd108bf0d07433b6dd99037f1/proposal/0x38389062bea197cda098776ffc7b58cedd4de6531187482d2ba6b3bd5007bac1

Video Walkthrough: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12FTkJC-1CNlDK0bN1h4WnnlULpxHVnTO/view

DAOcreator preview:

Some highly speculative content: