DAOstack upgrade to Multi-Collateral Dai from Single-Collateral Dai

Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) is planned to be launched on November 18th 2019. Does DAOstack plan to upgrade accordingly & communicate about the change ?

Maker released this announcement on the MCD upgrade

Kyber released this announcement on the MCD upgrade

Thanks for bringing this up. I don’t have a detailed response for this yet but it’s a good alert to share with the DAO ecosystem.

However, I would like to preemptively emphasize that DAOstack does not have operational control of any DAOs on the platform, and cryptocurrencies sitting within their respective treasuries can only be managed through actions of those DAOs.


Hi Pat, looks like the MCD migration is happening and Metamask is now suggesting its users to migrate:

Thinking out loud: adding support for both SAI and DAI on Alchemy during the next couple of months might be a good idea, in the proposal creation form especially.


I’ve forwarded this to the tech team – it will be prioritized.

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