DAOstack + Berkeley City: What are some good use cases / crowd funding decisions by Berkeley's residents?

Berkeley City recently announced that it is turning to the blockchain for city funding in an effort to reduce their reliance on federal and state funding. The idea is spur crowdfunded investment in affordable housing and other local projects. Individuals will be able to buy the cryptocurrency to fund city-issued municipal bonds.

We’re currently accepting entries on use cases / examples of crowdfunding decisions by Berkeley’s residents. We’ll sort out the need governance protocols for them and possibly wirte it up in a joint post with Berkeley City, entries will be rewarded with GEN tokens as any other bounty.

Good brainstorming!

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The most obvious use is going to be affordable housing. It is an important issue in the bay area that many people are passionate about, and is a place where municipal bonds are advantaged. Municipal funding traditionally has a longer maturation period than private equity loans. This allows the units built to be rented at more affordable rates. If block chains are able to quickly crowd source investment into municipal general obligation bonds, they can allow these affordable housing projects to be built quickly and easily. Additionally there will be no question on the tax status of this block chain - municipal general obligation bonds are explicitly not taxed.

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The stack could potentially be used to create a Curation Network Market for “city pains” (cp) in general, where each entry in the “Network Market” would be a cp and part of the stakes of each cp would be retrieved automatically to its own “implementation” or actuation. The prediction would be around which cp would be implemented first (by city goverment, private sector or civil society, etc). The amount of stake retained for a cp could vary depending on who implements it (this might be useful to incentivize different actors to do things). I’d personally make a proposal for this part to be the highest for implementation by groups of civil society.

Hi @eriktrodrigues -

I am interested in applying. How would I do that?

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