DAOstack and China: What needs to be done? [BRAINSTORM]

I’m opening this discussion per the signaling proposal submitted here. Per the proposal:

The interest in DAOs in China is currently growing fast. There are local DAO platforms that are emerging. The major western DAO platforms aren’t (yet) capitalizing on the opportunity of this interest.

DAOstack can be the first western DAO platform who takes advantage of this “vacuum”. It would be heaps fun, but, this isn’t an easy game - the China crypto scene is a highly complex and segregated market from the rest of the world, hence, it requires special effort.

I’m keen to help anyone interested to get involved as we’re putting together group of community organizers, content creators, researchers and entrepreneurs that are currently motivated to explore the space.

I feel that in order for Genesis to properly act upon this signal, there’s a number of things that need to be done for this special effort. That being said, this thread is created for the purposes of open ideation – I’m not starting it with any tactical aim in mind. Some random thoughts of my own:

  • We need Alchemy translated into Chinese
  • We need our most popular Zendesk articles available in Chinese
  • There are potential Chinese chat channels that could be opened on WeChat and QQ.
  • Some sort of speaking or presentation tour would be great, following in the steps of the Web3Foundation’s China tour.
  • Accessing China’s developer community – where do they congregate and why would they care about DAOs?
  • Accessing China’s business community – same Q
  • … what else?

I’d love to hear from folks who have expertise in China, as I have none of my own.

Tagging @Ruby and @exponent for input.

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It is a special effort. Here is some high-level tactical assets that could be sourced in the interest of hitting the right pressure points:

  • Tech Review of their nascent DAO platforms and comparative analysis of public roadmaps.
  • Approximation with whoever organised the Web3’s tour for harvesting lessons learned, main challenges, sharing alliances and connections - China is about connections above all.
  • A list of DAO thinkers, makers in influencers in the space
  • A geographic overview of the Chinese scene - which cities / which projects to scan and look out for.

Yeah, DAO is emerging in China, DAOstack, Aragon are of the severals that is on people’s radar.

I would like to say apart from the simple translation work, there need to be some event that people could actually participate in and experience the toolkit of DAOstack.

A local community group is good, as we need VPN to get access to Telegram, wechat is more popular than QQ. But I would recommend to have people participate in discussion more in the forum or an alchemy based chatroom.

Hey Ruby,

The event you’re describing sounds like a DAOfest.

I would get in touch with @Felipe around this.

I’ve reached out and invited her into to group.

We are keen to plan an event for December and are on the lookout for an ideal venue. If anybody has a lead, reach out! Or come over to the FESTDAO community chat: https://t.me/festdao

Great to get the discussion started. Things I see in the near future and steps we should take to for DAOstack to capitalize on the opportunities.

  • DAOs are gonna experience a surge in interest like a hokey stick in China very soon, it’s the next hype, one of the four western platforms will take advantage of it, rather it be DAOstack first.
  • Very soon Chinese DAOs and DAO platform providers will pop up, small and large, the earlier DAOstack enters the market more likely that Alchemy will be gaining traction.

Step 0: Content + meetup / events plan

As a precursor, we need both content and basic community meetups plan.


@Ruby, @bobjiang and a few others are working on important content pieces to serve as first touchpoints for participants onboarding and general exploration.

Online Community

We’ll need to manage dedicated WeChat channels + Huodongxin (meetup/events hub) and other channels for all that.

Step 1: Meetups + hacks

Meetups / Gatherings:

  • DAOfest December in Shanghai, Duncan (Denghui) will be able to roll it, he is running our regular meetups in Shanghai.

DAOfest event in Shanghai in conjunction with PoVConf as per @Felipe great format would be great as it should attract KOLs / investors who are attending the conference.

  • Crypto community meetup tour in major tech hubs

@bobjiang, myself and Jessie can do it

We should work on an introductory meetup format to deliver in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Hong-Kong, Taipei, Singapore.

(Timeline: November / December)

#Blockathon DAO / dHack

After the meetup tour warm up, a hybrid in person / online hackathon using Alchemy + educational tech content and onboarding campaign bringing in relevant community partners, other crypto project partners, exchanges, etc. Core DAOstack team (Matan + Adam) appearance, CEO and CTO titles visibility is very impactful in China, it will set the right tone for event to attract investors, media and quality devs + entrepreneurs and signal to the community DAOstack really cares about the China market.

Alchemy Translation

We can start without translating Alchemy, however if we do translate Alchemy it will surely help get more engagement.

re the questions @papa_raw why would the Chinese community care about DAOs, there are many reasons and I’ll list some that should give some clarity:

  • Savvy people in China picked up DAOs are hot in the west and they want to be informed but didn’t have the chance yet.

  • There are OG investors, entrepreneurs and devs who are into DAOs from the old days of TheDAO and before, they will have the opportunity to get out of their caves and land into the DAOstack ecosystem.

  • The way people will play with DAOs may not be necessarily identical to how people play with them in the west, we should be prepared and dynamic in our responses and expectations, one sign we’re doing good work in China would be that scammers will find ways to use the DAOstack brand, clone the ideas / platform and launch their own Alchemy / DAOstack equivalent. We’ll have to move fast to harness it for DAOstack’s favor.

  • We are gonna be careful to make sure non of what we’re promoting is sending the signal we preach democracy, radical social movement or get rich quick schemes, this will guarantee troubles, we’re there for tech and innovation.

For this effort to be worthwhile, we’re gonna have to be prepared with a support team. Not everyone has to be full time on that project, but there will be significant load of work, this is akin to sending DAOstack astronaut mission to another planet, it’s not just another country. Different rules, different digital channels, culture, The size and speed of this market different.


  • Community manager

  • Social media + marketing

  • Content

  • Project management

  • Operation / Logistics manager

We can plan on this. I’m scoping out the 2019 events budget and this seems realistic. One thing I feel that’s missing is amalgamating all of this into a ChinaDAO (name pending) of some sort that can function effectively on its own. How much thought have you given to this?

This made me chuckle.

This seems straightforward, but do you have a ballpark cost for this?

DragonDAO, 888DAO, LuckyDAO ???

Are there any groups that are already doing this sort of community building / hackathons, but that would want to decentralize? (as oppose to us starting a community from scratch) May be much cheaper to piggy back and teach via a use case like that?


It’s as if starting a parallel team DAOstack team and operation. Will require putting together a detailed planning before hiring any part/full timer team. I’ve got rough ideas, will share in DM

The China community requires a lot more tailoring and continuous adaptations as it isn’t a market that’s already connected and integrated to the rest of the world like Australia, Canada or Europe. China has completely different value system, digital products environment, crypto culture etc, hence, trying to piggy back will give DAOstack very weak positioning. For it to be worth the attempt there’s a bit more work to put there for it to amount to anything. IOW, trying to piggy back is almost a guaranteed waste of resources IMO. It’s a challenge that DAOstack should either give a proper attempt to or rather just symbolically backup Ruby, Bob or other GenDAOists through the GENDAO channels and focus mostly on other markets.

Happy to share a bit more on the APAC call if I can make it in time .

I could join the DAOfest event in Dec as well, let’s do a community curation summit during PoV week

Seeing as it is so different - I wonder if it even makes sense, for now. Why should we dilute resources and efforts to China if we have not yet found a product-market fit elsewhere?

In the traditional startup world, this wouldn’t be wise.

Jumping late here, I was on a semi Holiday the past few weeks, + a lot of dHack stuff taking my full attention.

I lived in China for almost 3 years (left in early 2018). Was highly involved in the Crypto community in Beijing and Shanghai, started what became one of the largest Wechat crypto communities, and organized numerous Bitcoin/crypto-related gatherings, meetups, and mini conferences both for Chinese and foreigners crowd. \

++ to @exponent’s plan for the Chinese market.

I would like to add a few things.

A few things in the context since “Xi pump”

Below you will find tweets and news from the past week++, as you can see, when an authoritarian regime permits something it’s being taken very seriously. Currently, there is no other country in the world that treats blockchain/crypto in a similar way.

The reality:

  • “Blockchain” will result in far more tightened personal financial control and surveillance in China rather than a support for free-standing cryptocurrencies and decentralized projects.

  • blockchain in China will be controlled by the Chinese government to use it as a tool to reduce corruption and increase control of the populace.

A few things to take into consideration that I think need to be said.

  • China is an authoritarian state and will not allow technology that can potentially undermine or threaten its control over its citizens.

  • DAOstack’s success in China can be measured by a government interest in the project. If indeed successful DAOstack will be required to give keys, backdoors, or something of the like, If not a “backed-by-the-government” type fork will replace it.


  • CDNs, servers, and playing inside the GFW - This took us well over a year to make it happen.

  • Once we set this off, it’s off and out of our control, China is a completely different beast.

The immediate thing that will happen is forks of the code and trying to compete with DAOstack inside China. “DAOstack 2.0” improvement of DAOstack and massive promotional campaigns inside China, expect the most creative things that you can think of.

That being said “The Trend is your friend”.

I think DAOstack is in a position to get a foothold in China, not only for DAOstack but for the Ethereum Ecosystem is a whole.

Things I think we should pursue

China in three verticals:

  • Chinese stakeholders, crypto enthusiasts, community organizers
  • Chinese Investors, companies, and influential figures
  • The foreigner Crypto community as facilitators, investors, and companies, as they have a lot of weight in China.

In addition we should pursue collaboration with

  • Ethereum stakeholders - EF, Consensys, etc
  • Ethereum based companies in ways that can serve the market penetration plan. For example for reputation referral plan (https://www.2key.network/)

One last note: China has a lot of love for Gambling, referrals, and hype, we should use all of these for our advantage

Thanks a lot @eric.arsenault @papa_raw @liviade and @AdrienDLT for putting together this great list of resources for DAO workshops.. It’s been extremely useful for a workshop we had today (Nov 14th 2019) in Shenzhen for pretty advanced level DAO enthusiasts group of people including computer scientists and crypto exchanges professionals. Among them two are people who are seriously preparing to found their own DAOs (NaturalDAO.io founder) and the founder of a previously failed DAO whom I onboarded to Genesis recently (Wilson). Lot’s more to follow up soon.

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Hi Family,

We (bitfwd.com & HiBlock.net) got the funding from DAOstack and start working on the onboarding and will define the Blockathon in Q1 2020.

Format: online
Date: Q1 2020
Budgeting and expense - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C4PhFAJdkXAfkHVLmdOEJcsB5s59SghkcVx2-LE9Sl4/edit?usp=sharing