Daos to empower conferences: keep working on the dream

I want to share one experience from a small island economy in the Caribbean: Curacao. Willemstad. And why I think daos are needed.

Today we had a conference Future of Work. A room packed with people, ngo’s, government, labour unions. I was one of the presenters. I talked about Bianca, my chat bot that I recruited last week. That she would help me.

I launched Bianca and told everybody not to contact me but chat to Bianca and she would contact me.

They talked about daos but the crowd didn’t grasp it.

Everybody asked: ok after this one of many conferences, we are so fragmented on this island how do we come together.

They asked the parlamentarians to take action. They asked the politicians to take action.

In the back of my mind I kept saying : YOU take action. Nobody is gonna help you. If you want a wall of fame for Curacao: YOU take action!

We need a shift in mindset to empower people.

We need to enable these conferences to be only the place where agents meet face to face. Not to ask for help of any government but to meet each other in person. We need to redefine what a conference is: flip the script.

That is tge future of work.

Your work is important. Lets create daos quickly to empower people to vote, create projects, hold each other accountable and recreate their lives and environments!

Collective action.
You are the government
You are the school
You are the dao.

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