Daos receiving info from Oracles

What are the ideas regarding connecting Daos to Oracles? As I understand an Oracle can be a system or an agent or a person connected to a Dao and providing it with info from outside (offchain).

I am researching this topic and ran into Chain.link that enables you to connect to Oracles.

One example of an Oracle is the Bravenewcoin Oracle that can feed your smart contract with the prices of crypto currencies.

There are many Oracles (automated ones) on chain.link providing different kinds of info.

I’m going to see if I can link a smart ethereum contract with this Oracle and see if it can feed me with data. I’m going to do this on the Rinkeby testnet. It is a project I’m working on to create a test Dapp that shows some crypto holdings with their prices. If I manage to link the Oracle to this Dapp then the prices of Bitcoin and Eth will be updated by the Oracle every 5 min. And it will show the current value of my holdings and also show the mark to market (profit and loss) of my holdings.

I have no knowledge of solidity so wish me good luck. If you want to collaborate on this let me know.

The relevancy for Daostack is that if this works we can bring Oracles to Daostack in the future.

@lukasucic I’m testing on Ethereum. A Dao idea might be a group of people buying crypto currencies of stocks together. Investing together. They need to know the value of their portfolio every day. So the Dao wants the Oracle to feed the stock prices and thecrypto currency prices every 5 minutes. They could vote to sell and buy assets. Collective investing.

I’m first trying to make it work. And later bring it into the Dao.