DAOist Sponsorship and Afterparty || Lisbon Blockchain Week

This proposal sends $6.5k to the DAOist to sponsor both the event and the afterparty.


The sponsorship gives us:

  • Talk OR workshop
  • Online & Print visibility
  • Small booth in Sponsor Island
  • NFT badge (governance rights in future DAO)
  • 4 Tickets
  • The DAOist Embassy passport
  • After-party exposure (details to be discussed directly with DAOist team)

After The DAOist in Paris, The DAOist Lisbon (19th of October) is coming up during the Lisbon Blockchain week. Beyond the above mentioned benefits the sponsorship gives DXdao, it also allows us to support the greater DAO ecosystem. The DAOist does not charge for tickets, so the sponsorship directly helps the organization of the event.

The event in Lisbon takes place on the 19th of October from 8am to 4am at Village Underground with an expected attendance from 300-500 (depending on COVID regulation).

The DAOist will also be having an afterparty. While planning for the afterparty is still in-motion, we will be directly in touch with Felipe from The DAOist to organize an amazing party and come up with some creative ways for DXdao to get exposure at the party. The afterparty will be sponsored in partnership with Witnet and Brink - the general idea is to have “a memorable experience for all the senses with art, relaxation, entertainment - with food and drinks provided. All in the name of the sponsoring orgs”.


Payment can be made on xDai to 0x92a27dcf46e6af4aab02ff7b9759ea8e13cb14c5 (password: “imadaoist”)

Total funds: 6.5k xDai


Big like for this and I think this could be great for DXdao for exposure.

Once again here, and from ETHcc lessons, I think we should put quantifiable objectives for the event and measure them afterwards.

What are our goals here?

  • General DXdao Exposure
  • DXvote exposure
  • Swapr / Arbitrum exposure

Yeah - totally agree. I’ve mostly been driving this forward simply due to geographical reasons.

Outside of the specific benefits lined out above, I think the exposure is the main motivation here (from BizDev side) - right? I also had a call with @Zett and @Melanie last week where we spoke about general swag etc. at LBW (Lisbon Blockchain Week) - and we already had some cool ideas of what we could do.

It’d be great if other people also have input on this - perhaps we could do some product-specific exposure too. It’d be great to have people interested on the call with Felipe from The DAOist when planning what we want to do at the afterparty as well as some cool ideas of what we could do at the stand, which is part of the sponsorship.

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I was sceptical at first, but I am now much more excited for this one that the last one, the package makes more sense now. We should do it. Dave, thanks for mentioning the afterparty call with Felipe. @KeenanL we could set time aside on the DXvoice agenda for tomorow and chat about ways to seize the opportunity.


Great initiative @fluiddrop and @Melanie – I think we should definitely think about product exposure, like claiming POAPs via swapr, etc., other action items like joining discord, and even to gain REP. We should discuss this more with the product squads to come up with ideas that can be implemented iRL then used to engage later online.

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