DAOfest reporting thread

Starting a DAOfest reporting thread to share outcomes of DAOfest activities.


As a part of guerilla mission to bring DAOstack ecosystem to China, I coordinated together with 2 awesome DAO enthusiast from China (@Ruby and Jessie) to run a DAOfest in Shanghai.

The original idea was to run it off the back of a high profile crypto conference called PoV (PoVconf.com website went offline), but, China being China is never boring and so as a part of the recent increased policy activities related to Blockchain the event organizers were told by the authorities that they cannot hold this event. That also had implications directly and indirectly on our efforts as the original venue host we engaged with was also told they cannot host Blockchain related events.

The 3 lead organizers (Jessie, Ruby and Me) convened and felt we really must host the event and decided to change the theme a bit and made it into a summit like event whereby we invited top DAO pioneers to share their experiences and knowledge. That meant we had to cap the attendees number to below 100 because above that mark one needs to seek approval from the government to hold an event.

The event attracted entrepreneurs, academics, investors, developers and university students from leading universities (Shaghai Jiaotong, NYU Shanghai campus, Shenzhen University and Tsinghua (dubbed as China’s MIT).

Here are talk titles, speakers and links to the slides:

Jademont Zheng 大山 founder @ Bitshare and partner at Waterdrip Capital :white_check_mark:

The Origing of DAC, an inevitable result of the startup era

Slides: DAO Shanghai_ Jademont Zheng.pptx - Google Drive

"1. Before DAO (在DAO来之前)
a. 比特币和早期的比特币社区
b. 中本聪:If you don’t believe me or don’t get it, I don’t have time to try to convince you, sorry.“

  1. From Bitcoin to BeyondBitcoin (从比特币开始的演变)
    a. Bitshare the first DAO
    b. DAC, DAO, DAS
    b. Bitshare 的治理和经济模型

  2. BitShares & Ethereum (BTS和ETH的早期情缘)
    a. BTS和ETH的生态对比"

Daniel Bar, Founder @ bitfwd. Troublemaker and Pollinator @ DAOstack :white_check_mark:

“DAOstack, what is DAO after The-DAO hack, from zero to the Wordpress of DAOs”

Slides: Daniel_Bar_DAOfest_Shanghai 2.pdf - Google Drive

"1. 社区协作中的挑战和问题:There are major challenges humanity is facing: environmental crisis, depression, growing disparity. The key to a positive future is through effective community collaboration.

  1. DAOstack的产生背景:DAOstack project was born after deep research of new share-economy use cases.There is a clear need is for a scalable social protocols, the questions that DAOstack answers are how to use a consensus protocol that is using the power of mechanism design and cryptoeconomics and serves people.

  2. DAOstack的投票体系(REP)背后的故事:The story about reputation (REP) is very related to the Jewish culture version of guanxi

  3. 全息共识的设计理念:The Holographic Consensus and the foundations for Alchemy which is the platform that serves as the “Wordpress of DAOs”"

小岛 (Minako Kojima):white_check_mark: Founder @ Matataki.io

Open Source community and its fundamental incentive issue

Slides: 开源社区的协作和激励.pdf - Google Drive

"1. 开源社区的协作文化和当前存在的问题

  1. 目前在开源社区协作激励的一些尝试:Gitcoin

  2. Social capital token:a proposed approach to mitigate the challenges
    a. 什么是 Social Capital
    b. 工业资本和信息资本的异同
    c. Token的价值捕获
    d. Social capital 的设计思路"

冷锐(Genie Leng - Founder @ social wiki):white_check_mark:

How we collaborate and why we didn’t use blockchain

Slides: DAO STEP(1).pptx - Google Drive


@TheChaology PanChao @MakerDAO China lead✅

1. MakerDAO的治理机制 - 4 false accusations of #DeFi Governance

Slides: DeFi 治理的四个错误指控-潘超-updated.pdf - Google Drive

@jfromsep Jay Zhou Co-founder @ Loopring (@loopringorg) :white_check_mark:

DAO practice for Decentralized Exchange : DxDAO

Slides: dxDAO, Jay Loopring, DAOfest 2019.pdf - Google Drive

“1. Dxdao:第一个以DAO形式运行的去中心化交易所
2. Dxdao在治理中碰到的问题和挑战:
a. Loopring进入获得的reputation 的过程和社区的反馈
b. reputation 的分散提案的初衷和社区的反馈
3. DAO项目的参与体验和长期展望”

@Tmomonono (Xinyi Tang cofounder @ Matataki.io) :white_check_mark:

“Like”、“666”,DAOs in the traffic economy

Link to slides: DaoFest-Tmono-点赞_三连_老铁双击666_流量经济中无处不在的Dao 2.pdf - Google Drive

“1. 媒介和渠道的DAO“网路“
2. 先有目标后有DAO
3. 情绪,还是程序
4. 你的注意力值多少钱”

ASResearch (https://asresearch.io/):white_check_mark:

Comparsion on voting mechanism: a snapshot of liquidit democracy voting

Link to slides: Liquid democracy-ShangHai-范学鹏.pptx - Google Drive

“1. 目前存在的投票算法和模型
2. 流民主投票算法的背景和在区块链上遇到的问题
3. 如何用olog(n)的方法在以太坊上实现流民主投票”

Suji Yan:

Foundation from the old world and DAO in the new world

Link to slides: DAOFEST-SUJI.pptx - Google Drive


Congratulations on organizing such an impactful event, especially taking into consideration that you had to move the event and change everything around!

Jessie, Ruby and you made history :partying_face:

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