DAODenver Partnership Proposal

Title: DAODenver Partnership Proposal

Author: Adam Miller aka TheThriller (Discord: TheThriller#2193)

Date Posted: 05 Jan 2022

This proposal is to gain approval for a partnership with DAODenver, a two-day conference focused on DAOs on February 15-16, 2022, produced by DAOists.xyz, which is being held in cooperation with ETHDenver.

DAOists.xyz will provide the following benefits to DXdao:

  1. Marketing DXdao as a “DAO Partner” of DAODenver within the event website (coming soon), marketing materials, and acknowledgement during the conference;
  2. One speaking opportunity during the conference (speaker, topic, and timeframe to be mutually agreed);

In exchange, DXdao will provide DAODenver:

  1. A nonexclusive right to use its logo and description in promotional material, including but not limited to the DAODenver website and marketing materials pertaining to the DAODenver 2022 event;

  2. Announcements within the DXdao community on or prior to February 5, 2022:

  • Two or more mentions of DAODenver during community calls;
  • Two or more mentions about DAODenver within Discord with link to ticketing page in an appropriate channel, preferably with an @everyone or @here tag;
  1. Announcements to the broader community on or prior to February 5, 2022:
  • Two or more tweets about DAODenver with link to ticketing page;
  • Two or more mentions in the appropriate newsletter(s) about DAODenver with link to ticketing page;

Note that sponsorship opportunities will be available shortly.

Please provide feedback on becoming a DAO Partner of DAODenver according to the above proposed terms. If the community is supportive, I’ll create a proposal on Alchemy.