DAODenver Partnership Next Steps

Hey All,

DXdao approved a partnership with DAODenver, the DAO-focused event taking place February 15-16, 2022, at ETHDenver.

Here is how I suggest we execute on various steps of the partnership agreement:

Speaking Opportunity at Conference
Please reply with any ideas for speakers & topics that DXdao could provide for DAODenver. I’ll also add this to the agenda of at least one of the weekly calls next week for live discussion.

Announcements within DXdao Community
We agreed to make 2+ digital announcements to our community. I suggest one of the Community Leaders post to #announcements in Discord about the event something like the following, first in the next week and then once more as the event approaches:

@DXdao is going to Denver! Come meet other DAOists IRL to meet friends, make new ones, and dive deep into DAO topics.

💥 DAODenver is happening in cooperation with ETHDenver 💥

📅 Feb 15-16 
🎫 Tickets: https://daodenver.org/
👉  Use our discount code to get 20% off: DXDAO20

Community Leaders should also mention the event in community calls around the time the messages are posted.

Announcements to Broader Community
We agreed to 2+ tweets and 2+ mentions in a newsletter, but I don’t think we have a newsletter? My mistake for including that in the proposal.

For Tweets, let’s have @DXdao_ do a Quote Tweet of one of @DAODenver’s posts (e.g. this one), adding “We look forward to seeing you at @DAODenver!”

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thanks all!