DAO workshops for Southeast Asia - Q1 Activities Reporting Thread

The Telegram group will be my first point to update the community of the results and effectiveness of DAO workshops held in Southeast Asia. But I’ll keep those messages short.

This will be the second point where you can view more details.

And the Trello links you find here will be the third point where you can access my on ground learnings and thoughts on how to refine each future activity by learning from the previous one.

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Detailed On Ground Report for Jakarta workshop - Jan 22 is ready. View it here: https://www.evernote.com/l/AWdaNZm48kNCi5tIRgMzhw1Sh_CJTuI-Jvw/

Quick summary:
30 / 25 in the room.
120% turnup.

Detailed On Ground Report for Manila workshop - Feb 1 is ready. View it here:

Quick summary:
25/40 in the room.
62% turnup.