DAO proposal process

If you have a DAO idea that is in need of funding, you can add information in this thread:

  1. Project name
  2. DAO pitch
  3. Project stage
  4. What you are looking for
  5. Any other info (team, website, etc)
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  1. Confoederatio DTRADE (project launched from Ecofintech Coop)

  2. Pitch presentation at grant prize finalist for Ledger Project (video at the end of the post, introducing the concept and the dev team):

Ecofintech Coop was also presented for final project at UEMC master’s degree. It introduces the role of Ecofintech Coop in the strategy for developing Confoederatio DTRADE and providing DAO and financial-technical tools and education to the entities interested in participation. (presentation in masterclass format, spanish language, not subs yet…)

  1. We are in the initiation stage, close to ellaborate the project charter for distributing roles between the community. We have 53 followers, around 7 of them involved in the core team initiative and designing the gobernance model and legal framework.
    First prototype will be Ecofintech Coop itself (a DAO-coop) that will act like reference model for the federation of DAO-coops under Confoederatio DTRADE platform. We will deploy a testing DAO participating in Genesis, and the main working space will be later deployed in RSK network.
    After release of Ecofintech Coop, we will develop a couple more of pilots in form of local “integral” cooperatives from different regions of Spain that will form local nodes using the DAO-coop model. Confoederatio DTRADE is the frame for building a cluster of this kind of local projects and to create an alternative economic space based on token economics.
    Also we are participating inProject Verdun pilot, organized by Sensorica.

  2. Urgency in finding subsistence funds for project management for the next two months. We have a partnership with Iovlabs (we will deploy on RSK network), and we are waiting to start a training with their team. For the next months we need to focus in the prototype development. Partnership also with Money on Chain that will release a DEX (liquidity network) for tokens on RSK network.

Also needed to develop a website for Confoederatio, earlier possible.

After having the prototype, we will apply to RSK fund for social projects. Also waiting to start in Project Verdun bootcamp (they are waiting for a fund from the Minister of Technology of Canada and our project will be integrated in the pilot, offering Confoederatio like a platform for different OVNs (Open Value Networks) and DAOs to relate between each others in an own economic space.
For end of year it is possible that Ledger Project will launch the Second Open Call, an opportunity to apply again having a better presentation and the prototype running.

Need from 500$ (immediate personal subsistence needs) to 5000$ for this next two months work stage.
We are using Labor-value token for mutual credit accounting for internal work and lending received.

  1. Ecofintech Coop’s website: https://ecofintech.coop
    Confoederatio DTRADE concept idea (draft): https://ecofintech.noblogs.org/post/2018/10/28/confoederatio-trade/



Juan, Project Manager (Telegram: @xuann_cryptolab)

1.) Project Name:

  • CityDAO

3.) Project Stage:

  • Currently in Planning/Exploration Stage. Articles of Incorporation are in processing with the State of California.

5.) Any Other Information:

  • Founder/Executive Director: N. Suits - MPA/Geologist/DAO Enthusiast

  • DAO User Archetype: DAO Builder

  • Website: www.citydao.org (In Development)

4.) What are you looking for:

  • To Start A Working Group within DAOStack.

Please Note:

The proposals for DAOStack at the moment are squarely centered around infrastructure developments for the DAOStack ecosystem. This is an incredibly important task, and one that demands the communities attention.

Please understand that this submission comes with the acknowledgement that the success at DAOStack is a pre-requisite to the success of this organization, and my focus is on assisting in the exploration of how to further develop a functioning foundation for all DAO’s to flourish within the DAOStack ecosystem.

However, there is an un-tested aspect of DAO’s that we should experiment with when the time presents itself: the social aspect.

I believe that showing how DAO’s interact to coordinate real world efforts is an important social and legal characteristic that needs a sandbox to operate within. While the DAOStack community may not yet be ready for funding such experimentation, I’d like to leave this proposal within this thread as a reference for possible future work, as we continue to build the foundation for new complex DAO architectures.

This proposal is intended to be a method for enabling rapid adoption and testing out some of the more complex structures of DAO architecture within the DAOStack ecosystem.

While none of this may be ready to become an active proposal, I hope to begin an active working group that will enable this vision to become a reality, and I welcome anyone to join me in this endeavor.

2.) DAO Pitch:

The CityDAO Organization

The CityDAO organization is a tax exempt non-profit organization dedicated to implementing new distributed forms of public administration on a local level, and educating communities how to best utilize these distributed networks for the advancement of public interests.

As part of our mission, we want to help facilitate a Network of DAO’s, each one representing a legal geographic territory. The proposals within these DAO’s will be centered around the development of permissioned distributed networks that create unique forms of public administration, managed and operated by citizens of their respective communities.

This organization desires to become a catalyst for research in three principle areas:

A. Comparative Administration Studies

“The decisive reason for the advance of bureaucratic organization has always been its purely technical superiority over any other form of organization. The fully developed bureaucratic mechanism compares with other organizations exactly as does the machine with the non-mechanical modes of production.” Max Weber

The goal of this organization is to rapidly deploy permanent digital public infrastructures that decentralize the means of public administration on a local level. I have no doubts that the features of DAO’s can enable the incentives/markets for these types of networks to be developed/shared.

These distributed networks have the potential to supplant traditional public-sector functions (not decisions, but actions) and shift the obligations and liabilities traditionally held by local governments and non-profits into a state of equilibrium with the citizens of that community.

This organization believes that DLT’s have the capability to usher in a new era of decentralized public administration tools that are more transparent, more equitable, and more financially sustainable than what our modern bureaucratic organizations and institutions could ever hope to offer.

The structure of our public-sector has remained relatively static for the past few decades, and alterations to the methods of public administration have been achieved with incremental changes through the adoption of public policies.

Comparative Administration research has often been aggregated within the highly political realm of comparative government research, and as a result, its evaluation has been limited to the quantitative outcomes of singular pieces of legislation, usually developed at the state level and with significant ideological influence.

At CityDAO we intend to separate the marriage of politics and administration by evaluating the efficacy of distributed networks and their impacts on Public Administration outcomes in isolation from the dominant political currents of comparative research.

B. Community Empowerment

“It is necessary to begin where the world is if we are going to change it to what we think it should be. That means working in the system.” Saul Alinsky

In order for decentralized administration to become effective, our goal should be to expand the number of reliable participants within the implementation of traditional public-sector functions.

This organization will strive to empower individuals to begin participating in the collective administrative actions of their communities. In order to accomplish this, we need to establish new methods of research within the field of Community Organizing and how to facilitate the creation of incentives and accountability structures required for these new forms of participation to become effective.

We believe that individual participation in community actions can create a more anticipatory environment by which communities will be empowered to effectively communicate and solve problems before they happen. We believe that optimizing community participation can shift our current reactionary processes of centralized bureaucratic responses toward a new anticipatory model that will create a more financially sustainable future for those agencies charged with such vital responsibilities.

C. Government Collaborations

“The old guard in any society resents new methods, for old guards in any society wear the decoration and medals won by waging battle in the accepted manner.” MLK Jr.

DAOs are disruption. This disruption is magnified when the ability to coordinate information and value results in the activation of human beings to act in collaboration to impact real world behaviors.

This disruption will not go unnoticed. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to create a transitional bridge for local governments to understand what we are attempting to do at CityDAO, and how they can benefit from the new methods presented.

It is important to note that the types of networks we intend to implement are not to challenge the authority of government administration, but to co-exist with government administration. We believe that by collaborating with local government agencies, we can implement networks that re-enforce local strategies toward more sustainable and efficient outcomes for all citizens within those jurisdictions.

At CityDAO, we intend to build processes for government collaboration that ensure all networks operate in concert with the collective goals of our representative local democracies.


The CityDAO Network aims to utilize highly localized DAO’s that are structured to become investment vehicles for the development of small scale, public-permissioned distributed networks, which aim to restructure the financial and coordination processes among public sector actors within a given community.

In order for this organization to succeed, we hope to utilize the available and future DAOStack architectures, which include Fractalized interDAO’s (in the form of a Bonding Curve DAO proposed by dORG) and DAOmesh structures.

With the development of these mechanics within a DAO, we may be able to effectively create a funding engine for a wide range of functional administrative distributed networks that are publicly owned and operated without local government involvement.

A DAO For Your City

Our goal is to onboard new DAO’s for cities around the world that can utilize their organization to share distributed administrative networks. In order to accomplish this, the creation of localized DAO’s must be simple and accessible.

Each localized DAO is an independent organization that can coordinate their ideas and capital for proposals impacting their respective legal jurisdictions. When/if these localized DAO’s choose to develop such platforms, the CityDAO organization will be committed to implementing these networks within the represented city.

If successful, the ownership of such a network will be granted to the DAO that developed it, and the proposal can be submitted to a Bonding Curve interDAO where other city DAO’s can choose to adopt this network for an implementation cost within their city.

#Concerns of these networks utilizing strictly Cryptocurrencies is an ongoing obstacle, as most individuals have not yet built trust with currency platforms. Enabling distributed systems that utilize our traditional banking institutions would be a desirable feature for these DAO’s.

interDAO (Bonding Curve DAO)

The interDAO will be a mechanism by which local DAO’s can submit an implemented proposal for further adoption, and eventually, obtaining a return on their DAO’s initial investment if the implemented proposal is both successful and is a common need among other cities.

#Optimal Bonding Curve Configurations should be explored in depth to achieve desired incentive structures and interDAO sustainability.

DAOmesh Networks

The use of a DAOmesh network which enables the use of bounties — will allow cities with inadequate capital for such platforms to pool their resources for the development of new administrative networks.

We anticipate that the use of a DAOmesh Network can bridge the divide between urban and rural communities by enabling smaller DAO’s access to the resources necessary (developmental guidance/financial capital) to create these networks (from larger DAO communities acting on behalf of those smaller communities in exchange for a return on investment.)

If you have questions or are interested in helping build this vision, please contact me at nathansuits@citydao.org and look out for a possible working group within DAOStack.

Thank you for your time and attention!

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