DAO Pizza Day - Proposal

To celebrate Bitcoin pizza day (May 22nd), I want to propose that we order pizza for a homeless shelter.

To my knowledge, this would be the first Dao to collectively decide to order pizza :smile:

Reasons for proposal:

  1. Demonstrates the capabilities of a DAO to get people to act in the real world
  2. Shows that DAOs have the capability for good - this is just the start
  3. Much has changed since 2010, we can show that it is easier than ever to interact with the real world

To be provided:

  1. Receipt of purchase
  2. Pictures of delivery - Dxdao printout with time and date
  3. Blockchain transaction history

Proposal β†’ Eth β†’ Domino’s gift card
Proposal β†’ Eth β†’ Restaurant from Coinmap



If DXdao had control of a phone number, the Dao itself could order the pizza using text:


Fun idea!! Like the concept of DXdao sending pizza to benefit people on Bitcoin pizza day.

And now I’m wondering how a DAO could control a phone number . . . .

Love the idea, yeah probably something could be done with dominos api. But the eth to pizza might be difficult.

Google Voice number, or is there an open-source equivalent of that? I am sure some ETH hackathon participant has solved this.

ha. cool video! there it is